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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
containerBuildMore changes to support CDT Build in ContainerJeff Johnston2 years
masterBug 551327 - Remove OProfile feature from 7.5.0Jeff Johnston41 hours
stable-6.0Fix update sites in all feature p2.inf files.Jeff Johnston2 years
stable-6.1Modify 4.7 target to update some dependenciesJeff Johnston22 months
stable-6.2Bug 531883 - Deadlock in Docker when connection closesJeff Johnston19 months
stable-7.0Switch to build against 4.10 I-builds.Alexander Kurtakov11 months
stable-7.1Bug 543964 - Dockerfile editor flags SHELL as unknownJeff Johnston8 months
stable-7.2Remove p2 repository deployment steps from Maven build.Roland Grunberg6 months
stable-7.3Update orbit repo and bouncycastle dependencies.Jeff Johnston3 months
stable-7.4Updates for 7.4 releaseJeff Johnston2 weeks
v7.4.0org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.4.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.4.0.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston4 days
v7.3.0org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.3.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.3.0.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston3 months
v7.2.0org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.2.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.2.0.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston6 months
v7.1.0org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.1.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.1.0.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston9 months
v7.0.2org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.0.2.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.0.2.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston12 months
v7.0.1org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.0.1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.0.1.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston12 months
v7.0.0org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.0.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-7.0.0.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston15 months
v6.2.1org.eclipse.linuxtools-6.2.1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-6.2.1.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston19 months
v6.2.0org.eclipse.linuxtools-6.2.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-6.2.0.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston22 months
v6.1.1org.eclipse.linuxtools-6.1.1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.linuxtools-6.1.1.tar.xz  Jeff Johnston2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-03-01Bug 531883 - Deadlock in Docker when connection closesv6.2.1stable-6.2Jeff Johnston1-4/+8
2018-02-23Bug 531563 - Regression in Docker copy files from ContainerJeff Johnston3-3/+54
2018-02-07Bug 528271 - Use RedDeer 2.0.1 Final in integration tests for DockerJosef Kopriva6-28/+29
2018-02-06Bump up versions prior to Oxygen.3Jeff Johnston186-223/+223
2018-02-02Bug 530264 - Copy From Container will not always correctly copy dataJeff Johnston5-63/+63
2018-01-30Bug 530264 - Occasionally Copy From Container will not correctly copyJeff Johnston1-3/+3
2017-12-06Prepare Linux Tools 6.2.0 for RC4 milestone.v6.2.0Jeff Johnston182-208/+230
2017-12-01Bug 528036 - Libhover not offering content assist with latest CDTJeff Johnston1-0/+4
2017-11-28Point to 9.4 builds for CDTJeff Johnston1-1/+4
2017-11-28Bug 526553 - gprof reader failsJeff Johnston1-2/+2
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