BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Bug436936/metalua_crash_on_big_filesBug 436936 - [metalua] error on big files (wx lua documenting)Marc Aubry6 months
R_0_9_maintenanceFix NPE on creating a new launch remote config.Marc Aubry2 years
R_1_0_maintenanceIncrementing version to 1.0.2Marc Aubry11 months
R_1_1_maintenanceincrement version to 1.1.1Simon Bernard12 months
R_1_2_maintenancebug 439995: unexpected syntax error on valid fileSimon Bernard5 months
bug371076/converttoluafix pom versionSimon Bernard13 days
bug401928/lua52Fixing pom versionMarc Aubry4 days
bug431267/luadiffTests are ready for full stack lua-diffs.Kevin KIN-FOO9 months
hipp-build-testsTry to see if hudson can access to /shared at leastMarc Aubry3 months
masterAdd SDK Feature to LDT Repository.Simon Bernard2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
2014-10-08Add SDK Feature to LDT Repository.HEADmasterSimon BernardSimon Bernard7-14/+78
2014-10-08add source reference in MANIFEST.MF. (allow import source fromSimon BernardSimon Bernard1-1/+20
2014-10-08Upgrading MetaluaMarc AubryMarc Aubry12-91/+118
2014-10-08bug 369982: Add pre-built index for user documentationSimon BernardSimon Bernard6-2/+58
2014-10-06bug 387091: [debugger] Eclipse fails to connect a second time with readSimon BernardSimon Bernard2-44/+66
2014-10-03bug 386846: [luadocumentor]Parenthesis do not work on type shortSimon BernardSimon Bernard1-19/+31
2014-10-02luadocumentor : support doclua file.Simon BernardSimon Bernard1-1/+3
2014-10-02bug 434217: [cleancode] format all lua files and use unix line delimiterSimon BernardSimon Bernard46-5567/+5568
2014-10-01bug 434216: [cleancode] remove the raiseerror method in ldparser.luaSimon BernardSimon Bernard1-51/+10
2014-09-30fix wrong default working dir on local launchconfigurationSimon BernardSimon Bernard1-4/+2