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2014-03-31Non-sprint task - version number corrected.Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2013-12-11Sprint task - update bundled JRE and BREE for non-rc bundles to Java 7.Markus Tiede3-3/+3
2013-11-28Sprint task - switch JPA 2.1.0 and EclipseLink 2.5.1Markus Tiede1-1/+0
2013-11-12Non-sprint task - minor cleanup: redundant version and groupId information fr...Markus Tiede1-2/+0
2013-11-12Sprint task - consistent version number increase to 2.3.0Markus Tiede2-7/+7
2013-10-08Sprint task - fix for issue Tiede1-19/+31
2013-09-13Non-sprint task - major cleanup of dead, deprecated code and dependencies.Markus Tiede2-23/+10
2013-07-31Non-sprint task - fix for p1 issue Tiede1-1/+4
2013-07-29Sprint task - unified version number increase to 2.2.0Markus Tiede2-7/+7
2013-06-12Sprint task - blocker fix for Tiede1-2/+0
2013-06-07Sprint task - blocker fix for Tiede3-6/+0
2013-05-24Non-sprint task - modifications for p1 fix for issue Tiede1-1/+1
2013-05-06Sprint task - unified minor version number increase: 2.0.0 --> 2.1.0Markus Tiede2-7/+7
2013-05-06Non-Sprint-Task: Removed Mylyn-Open-Task icon from status bar, BUG 776Raimar Buehmann1-1/+1
2013-04-22Non-Sprint-Task: Removed annotation navigation toolbar itemsRaimar Buehmann1-14/+9
2013-04-15Sprint task - fix for issue Tiede5-467/+393
2013-04-15Non-sprint task - lowered version number to prevent gdDevelopment failures.Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2013-04-15Sprint-Task: fix Order of toolbar iconsRaimar Buehmann3-3/+7
2013-04-09Non-Sprint-Task: Removed commented source for perspective change after startup.Raimar Buehmann1-29/+6
2013-04-04Sprint-Task: Migration from Indigo to JunoRaimar Buehmann2-24/+30
2013-03-04Sprint task - fix for issue Tiede1-1/+1
2013-01-31Sprint task - alter 'double click' + 'ENTER' behavior for TSB and TCB when op...Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2012-11-02Sprint task - perform a major version number increase.Markus Tiede2-7/+7
2012-08-07Fix for missing Jubula version increase.Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2012-08-07Sprint task - fix for issue Tiede1-1/+1
2012-07-27Sprint task - increase version numers for Jubula to 1.3.0 and GUIdancer to 6....Markus Tiede2-7/+7
2012-07-13Sprint task - implementation for issue Tiede3-1/+48
2012-05-22Sprint task - switch to 'standard' eclipse workspace chooser / behavior - see...Markus Tiede6-805/+362
2012-05-15Non sprint task - extend file menu with restart and choose workspace actions.Markus Tiede1-1/+16
2012-04-19fixes Ford-Reitz1-0/+12
2012-03-12fixes Ford-Reitz10-0/+0
2012-03-01Supressed error popup for JFace decoration NPEAchim Loerke1-3/+6
2011-11-08Timebox task - unified version number increase 1.1.0 --> 1.2.0.Markus Tiede3-8/+8
2011-10-14Removes custom handling for "Save" and "Save all" commands.Zeb Ford-Reitz1-28/+0
2011-10-10Initial UI bundle split: UI => UI and UI RCP.Zeb Ford-Reitz6-18/+21
2011-09-17Minor IDE refactoring - use of project relative in stead of workspace relativ...Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2011-09-16Minor IDE refacotring - unified org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs location.Markus Tiede2-8/+7
2011-09-13Minor refactoring - non-nls added.Markus Tiede1-3/+4
2011-09-09Minor refactoring - IDE warnings removed.Markus Tiede2-6/+4
2011-09-08Major releng adjustment - unified version number increase '1.0.0 --> 1.1.0'; ...Markus Tiede3-7/+7
2011-08-18Fix for issue 352720 - major performance increase in mapping and saving of OM.Markus Tiede1-0/+9
2011-07-21Major refactoring - unified usage of org.slf4j.api (fix for issue 351121); re...Markus Tiede5-17/+21
2011-07-14Minor refactoring - simplified usage of NLS.bind().Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2011-07-05Minor refactoring - removed textual / naming references to hibernate.Markus Tiede1-4/+4
2011-06-07Fix for issue 347808 - increased version number in about text.Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2011-05-30Major releng adjustments - removed 'incubation' flag for bundle names; increa...Markus Tiede2-5/+5
2011-05-25replaced date in about.htmlAchim Loerke1-66/+4
2011-05-25replaced date in about.htmlAchim Loerke1-3/+65
2011-05-04Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Ford-Reitz4-1/+1
2011-05-04fixes Ford-Reitz1-137/+44

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