BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.2Sprint task - again: retry to use new CBI sign and pack mechanism - include p...Markus Tiede2 years
2.0Non-sprint task - fix for selectMenuByTextpath issue Mueller18 months
7.1Non-sprint task - fix for JTree is not expanded if childs are created dynamic...Marvin Mueller16 months
7.2Non-sprint task - fix for Tiede4 months
8.0Non-sprint task - fix for Tiede4 months
gd_6.1Fixes Ford-Reitz2 years
keplerSprint task - switch to new recommended orbit repository.Markus Tiede14 months
lunaNon-sprint task - deactivate publishing of artifactsMarvin Mueller6 weeks
masterSprint task - Java API - Extended converter to fill classes for test suites/jobsSebastian Struckmann20 hours
multipleTCBTask: Documented autoload of projectAlexandra Schladebeck2 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  org.eclipse.jubula.core-8.0.00209.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-8.0.00209.tar.bz2  Markus Tiede5 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-8.0.00170.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-8.0.00170.tar.bz2  Markus Tiede7 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-7.2.00092.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-7.2.00092.tar.bz2  Markus Tiede13 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-7.1.00054.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-7.1.00054.tar.bz2  Markus Tiede16 months  kepler_rc1.tar.gz  kepler_rc1.tar.bz2  Markus Tiede17 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-2.0.0_rc2.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-2.0.0_rc2.tar.bz2  Markus Tiede20 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-2.0.0_rc1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-2.0.0_rc1.tar.bz2  Markus Tiede20 months  jb_1.3_rc4.tar.gz  jb_1.3_rc4.tar.bz2  Zeb Ford-Reitz2 years  jb_1.3_rc3.tar.gz  jb_1.3_rc3.tar.bz2  Zeb Ford-Reitz2 years  jb_1.3_rc2.tar.gz  jb_1.3_rc2.tar.bz2  Zeb Ford-Reitz2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
20 hoursSprint task - Java API - Extended converter to fill classes for test suites/jobsHEADmasterSebastian StruckmannSebastian Struckmann4-86/+51
21 hoursSprint task - removing cancel button from attributes viewer and renaming ok t...Marvin MuellerMarvin Mueller1-0/+9
40 hoursSprint task - Java API - Added JET generation for converter to pomSebastian StruckmannSebastian Struckmann2-0/+67
41 hoursSprint task - Java API - Extended converter to fill classes for test cases wi...Sebastian StruckmannSebastian Struckmann13-90/+432
43 hoursNon-sprint task - adding copy for alm attributes viewer and refactoring some...Marvin MuellerMarvin Mueller2-30/+70
44 hoursTemporary fix for 449155Marcel HeinMarcel Hein1-0/+6
46 hoursSprint task - add error handling when variables could not be resolvedMarvin MuellerMarvin Mueller4-13/+57
46 hoursSprint task - adjusting error messages if errors occur with view task attributesMarvin MuellerMarvin Mueller4-5/+14
47 hoursSprint task - removing documentation generator since it is not used anymoreMarvin MuellerMarvin Mueller44-2789/+0
3 daysSprint task - Java API - Added small javadoc to methods of generated classesSebastian StruckmannSebastian Struckmann1-1/+5
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