BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
8.1Sprint task - fix for Tiede4 years
8.2.2Non-sprint task - Fix for Bug 489370Marvin Mueller2 years
8.3Fixed various exceptions in the test data sets viewKevin Barbe21 months
8.4Fix for Bug 510230 - check existence of nested column is mostly wrongMarvin Mueller18 months
8.5Adapting the welcome pageMarvin Mueller15 months
marsSprint task - update library versionMarvin Mueller2 years
masterRemove unnecessary importMarvin Mueller28 hours
neonMerge branch '8.3' into neonMarcel Hein20 months
oxygenOxygen - remove nightly deployment from repositoriesMarvin Mueller13 months
photonFix a nullpointer which might occur after switchting projectsMarvin Mueller5 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller13 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller15 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller19 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Kevin Barbe21 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller24 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marcel Hein2 years  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller2 years  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller2 years  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller2 years  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Sebastian Struckmann2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
28 hoursRemove unnecessary importHEADmasterMarvin Mueller1-1/+0
2 daysFix for API - connection to AUT is not possible after disconnectMarvin Mueller1-0/+8
2 daysFix Problems with java 9Marvin Mueller2-2/+8
2 daysUse JBFiltered Tree in OM Category association dialogMarvin Mueller2-2/+4
3 daysFix disposed problems in JBFilteredTreesMarvin Mueller1-1/+8
9 daysThe filtered Tree now reloads its last expansion statusMarvin Mueller1-1/+41
9 daysOMAssoc and ComponentNames are now grey in the Assign OMCMarvin Mueller2-2/+46
9 daysFix a display bug in the assign Object Mapping categoriesMarvin Mueller1-1/+3
9 daysEasier creation of new categories in the ObjectMapping EditorMarvin Mueller3-7/+67
9 daysRemove TODO in codeMarvin Mueller1-2/+2