BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.2Non-sprint task - fix for Tiede3 years
8.0Non-sprint task - fix for Tiede3 years
8.1Sprint task - fix for Tiede24 months
8.2.2Non-sprint task - Fix for Bug 489370Marvin Mueller10 months
8.3Fixed various exceptions in the test data sets viewKevin Barbe2 months
8.4Fix for Bug 510230 - check existence of nested column is mostly wrongMarvin Mueller5 days
lunaNon-sprint task - deactivate publishing of artifactsMarvin Mueller2 years
marsSprint task - update library versionMarvin Mueller11 months
masterRevert "Adjusted 32-Bit versions of Jubula to not include the -server paramet...Marvin Mueller9 hours
neonMerge branch '8.3' into neonMarcel Hein8 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller4 weeks  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Kevin Barbe2 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller5 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marcel Hein8 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller9 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller10 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller11 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Sebastian Struckmann11 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller13 months  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Sebastian Struckmann15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 hoursRevert "Adjusted 32-Bit versions of Jubula to not include the -server paramet...HEADmasterrefs/changes/36/88736/2Marvin Mueller1-6/+1
3 daysJUB 1751: Allowing project files to be dropped into Jubula.refs/changes/85/87985/3Miklos Hartmann5-2/+143
3 daysRelease notes for "Delete with Orphans".refs/changes/41/88141/4Bjoern Ebner1-0/+18
3 daysBug 509917: A handle leak.refs/changes/74/88274/3Miklos Hartmann1-2/+17
4 daysMinor Fix - added a check to exclude nodes which are not renderend from the s...refs/changes/44/83344/3Marcel Hein1-3/+10
4 daysRemoving a lot of warningsrefs/changes/22/87222/5Marvin Mueller49-138/+484
4 daysMerge "JUB-1415: Update to Eclipse Link 2.6"Marcel Hein1-0/+0
4 daysSwing J-Table nightly tests "configuration error", does not recognize that mo...refs/changes/22/88322/3Bjoern Ebner1-1/+2
5 daysMerge "Clicking on Controller or Container children of a TSB opens the Test S...Kevin Barbe2-1/+8
5 daysMerge "Bug 485627: Adding a new parameter to one TC does not affect another e...Kevin Barbe1-7/+0
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