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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.10.xbump copyright date (so we can test if the 'has everything been built' check ...nickboldt18 months
B20040403_branch_2Just trying something. NOOP comment change.cbateman12 years
R1_0_maintenance[219484] - Fix service versionrsrinivasan12 years
R1_5_maintenanceThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'R1_5_maintenance'.rsrinivasan13 years
R1_5_maintenance_patchesTemp. Patch:rsrinivasan13 years
R2_0_maintenanceversion for 2.0.1david_williams12 years
R3_0_5_patchesUpdate versionrsrinivasan9 years
R3_2_5_patchesBug 431752 - incorrectly determines the encoding of a ISO-8859-1 file asGloria Yadira Torrealba Melendez5 years
R3_2_maintenanceBug 360098 - Version errorrsrinivasan8 years
R3_4_maintenanceBug 398252Ian Trimble7 years
R3_5_maintenanceApply patch for 407026.cbateman6 years
R3_6_maintenanceBug 453529 - Code assist for composites does not work with the new JSFIan Trimble4 years
R3_7_maintenanceBug 489145 - Upadate version for org.eclipse.wst.html.coreIan Trimble4 years
R3_8_maintenanceBug 494562 - Bump Plug/Feature version for 3.8.0Ian Trimble3 years
R_3_0_3_maintenance275499rsrinivasan10 years
R_3_0_3_maintenance_from_3_o_1Version fixrsrinivasan11 years
R_3_0_5_patches3.0.5Patch - Bug 293211 - Performance problem when validate managed propertiesrsrinivasan10 years
R_3_1_2_patchesBug 309400rsrinivasan9 years
R_3_3_MaintenanceBug 368732 - Fix Version errorsrsrinivasan8 years
masterRemove previously-deprecated method of IProject from MockProjectIan Trimble6 months
pre_refactoring_20070416This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchrsrinivasan12 years
refactoring_20070416Refactor: remove "internal.provisional" from package names.itrimble12 years

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