BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R3_0_5_patchesUpdate versionrsrinivasan4 years
R3_2_5_patchesBug 431752 - incorrectly determines the encoding of a ISO-8859-1 file asGloria Yadira Torrealba Melendez2 months
R3_2_maintenanceBug 360098 - Version errorrsrinivasan3 years
R3_4_maintenanceBug 398252Ian Trimble20 months
R3_5_maintenanceApply patch for 407026.cbateman16 months
R_3_0_3_maintenance275499rsrinivasan5 years
R_3_0_5_patches3.0.5Patch - Bug 293211 - Performance problem when validate managed propertiesrsrinivasan5 years
R_3_1_2_patchesBug 309400rsrinivasan4 years
R_3_3_MaintenanceBug 368732 - Fix Version errorsrsrinivasan3 years
masterBug 243674 - [hotbug] Default configuration for JSF EL validation is tooIan Trimble12 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  webtools.jsf-201408211646.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201408211646.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble12 days  webtools.jsf-201408081041.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201408081041.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble4 weeks  webtools.jsf-201406191615.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201406191615.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble2 months  R3_6_0.tar.gz  R3_6_0.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble3 months  webtools.jsf-201405281344.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201405281344.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble3 months  webtools.jsf-201405081727.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201405081727.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble4 months  webtools.jsf-201405061152.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201405061152.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble4 months  webtools.jsf-201312111052.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201312111052.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble9 months  webtools.jsf-201310151153.tar.gz  webtools.jsf-201310151153.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble11 months  R3_5_1.tar.gz  R3_5_1.tar.bz2  Ian Trimble11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
12 daysBug 243674 - [hotbug] Default configuration for JSF EL validation is tooHEADv201408211646masterIan TrimbleIan Trimble2-2/+2
2014-08-08Bug 439906 - Web Page Editor should provide a mechanism to change thev201408081041Carlin RogersCarlin Rogers1-0/+9
2014-05-28Bug 435994 - [CBI] CruiseControl broken by change at HEAD to attempt tov201405281344R3_6_0Ian TrimbleIan Trimble4-0/+58
2014-05-08Bug 420738 - Determine which eclipse.inf files are necessary for Tychov201405081727Ian TrimbleIan Trimble2-3/+0
2014-05-06Bug 433925 - Update the JSF license features to 1.0.1 for Lunav201405061152Ian TrimbleIan Trimble8-8/+8
2013-12-11Bug 423360 - Add missing tycho-p2-plugin for generated source featuresv201312111052Thanh HaIan Trimble3-0/+39
2013-10-11Update pom versionv201310151153Thanh HaIan Trimble1-1/+1
2013-10-11Bug 418933 - Errors validating JSF/XHTML filesIan TrimbleIan Trimble1-3/+19
2013-09-18Update POMs from CBI patch to be consistent with fixed version numbersv201309181648R3_5_1Ian TrimbleIan Trimble24-47/+47
2013-09-17Build with CBIv201309171700Thanh HaIan Trimble26-1/+744