BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Declare ConfigConstants and GitProtocolConstants final"Jonathan Nieder4 hours
stable-4.10Merge branch 'stable-4.9' into stable-4.10Matthias Sohn2 weeks
stable-4.11Prepare 4.11.2-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn2 weeks
stable-4.4Prepare 4.4.2-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn2 years
stable-4.5Temporarily @Ignore flaky CommitCommandTest methodsDave Borowitz8 weeks
stable-4.6Merge branch 'stable-4.5' into stable-4.6David Pursehouse8 weeks
stable-4.7Prepare 4.7.3-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn3 weeks
stable-4.8Merge branch 'stable-4.7' into stable-4.8David Pursehouse3 weeks
stable-4.9Prepare 4.9.4-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn2 weeks
stable-5.0Ensure that JSch knows HostKeyAlgorithms ssh-rsa and ssh-dssThomas Wolf7 days
v5.0.2.201807311906-rjgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn2 weeks
v4.11.1.201807311124-rjgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn2 weeks
v4.9.3.201807311005-rjgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn2 weeks
v4.7.2.201807261330-rjgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn3 weeks
v5.0.1.201806211838-rjgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn8 weeks
v5.0.0.201806131550-rjgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn2 months
v5.0.0.201806050710-rc3jgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn2 months
v5.0.0.201805301535-rc2jgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn3 months
v5.0.0.201805221745-rc1jgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn3 months
v5.0.0.201805151920-m7jgit-  jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hoursMerge "Declare ConfigConstants and GitProtocolConstants final"HEADmasterJonathan Nieder3-2/+16
4 hoursDeclare ConfigConstants and GitProtocolConstants finalMatthias Sohn3-2/+16
27 hoursRespond with shallow-info before wanted-refsJonathan Tan2-16/+16
35 hoursUse a TreeMap to construct the list of renamed projectsHan-Wen Nienhuys1-2/+2
39 hoursMerge "Fix ResolveMerger: rebase with autocrlf=true, direct checkout"Gunnar Wagenknecht4-18/+149
40 hoursFix ResolveMerger: rebase with autocrlf=true, direct checkoutThomas Wolf4-18/+149
4 daysSupport protocol v2 want-ref in UploadPackJonathan Tan4-0/+279
6 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-5.0'Thomas Wolf1-0/+2
7 daysEnsure that JSch knows HostKeyAlgorithms ssh-rsa and ssh-dssstable-5.0Thomas Wolf1-0/+2
7 daysFix API breakage introduced by da254106Matthias Sohn4-47/+45