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2013-09-09[Bug 415999] Fix some of FindBugs warningsMikhail Mazursky1-8/+11
2013-04-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jetty-8'Greg Wilkins1-0/+138
2013-04-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jetty-7' into jetty-8Greg Wilkins1-6/+129
2013-04-24406437 Digest Auth supports out of order ncGreg Wilkins1-1/+128
2013-04-24uncommented basic testsGreg Wilkins1-17/+12
2013-04-05404325 data constraint redirection does send default portGreg Wilkins1-1/+1
2013-04-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jetty-8'Greg Wilkins1-3/+57
2013-04-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jetty-7' into jetty-8Greg Wilkins1-4/+53
2013-04-05404325 data constraint redirection does send default portGreg Wilkins1-4/+53
2013-01-11merge from jetty-8 and update license blocks.Jesse McConnell4-4/+4
2013-01-11merge from 7 and update license blocks for 2013Jesse McConnell4-4/+4
2013-01-11update license blocks for 2013Jesse McConnell3-3/+3
2013-01-11jetty-9 organised imports. Cleaned up some TODOsGreg Wilkins3-11/+11
2012-10-29392237 improved names and examples for documentationGreg Wilkins1-5/+5
2012-10-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jetty-8' into jetty-9Greg Wilkins2-5/+390
2012-09-28390503 http-method-omission element not being processedJan Bartel2-5/+388
2012-09-20jetty-9 - Removed references to JUnit 3.x.Simone Bordet1-1/+1
2012-09-10jetty-9 refactored configurationGreg Wilkins1-31/+26
2012-08-24Merge branch 'jetty-9-aggregation' into jetty-9-spdy-httpSimone Bordet3-57/+88
2012-08-19jetty-9 fixed context restart for constraint testGreg Wilkins1-36/+8
2012-08-19jetty-9 removed debugsGreg Wilkins1-4/+0
2012-08-19jetty-9 removed redirect race from form authGreg Wilkins1-0/+10
2012-08-17Merge from jetty-8 to jetty-9 (license header standarization)Joakim Erdfelt3-36/+52
2012-08-17patch over some nasties that are exposed with starting and stopping server, n...Jesse McConnell1-18/+60
2012-08-16standardize license header blocksJesse McConnell3-36/+52
2012-08-13Jetty9 - Code cleanups: using generics, diamond operator, removed warnings, etc.Simone Bordet1-46/+43
2012-08-09jetty-9 include more modulesGreg Wilkins1-5/+2
2012-08-07jetty-9 reduced LazyList usageGreg Wilkins2-6/+4
2012-08-03Jetty9 - Introduced ConnectionFactory for SelectChannelConnector.Simone Bordet1-11/+14
2012-08-02jetty-9 rudimentary connectionFactory implGreg Wilkins1-6/+7
2012-08-02jetty-9 one connector passing more testsGreg Wilkins1-160/+160
2012-08-01jetty-9 one connector passing most testsGreg Wilkins1-6/+7
2012-07-27jetty-9 factoring out HTTP dependencies from connectorsGreg Wilkins2-12/+12
2012-07-20Jetty9 - More refactorings and renamings.Simone Bordet1-6/+5
2012-07-19jetty-9 merge from jetty-8. Mostly compiling but some tests still failing.Greg Wilkins1-0/+12
2012-07-11quick pass through to clean up missing or incorrect license blocksJesse McConnell1-0/+12
2012-06-05jetty-9 organize importsGreg Wilkins1-2/+0
2012-06-05jetty-9 jetty-security passing testsGreg Wilkins2-22/+27
2012-01-19369048: one more testThomas Becker1-0/+33
2012-01-19369048: more test cases for ConstraintSecurityHandlerThomas Becker1-11/+269
2012-01-17368773 process data constraints without realmGreg Wilkins1-0/+178
2012-01-10368215 Remove debug from jaspiJan Bartel1-4/+0
2011-10-25Added concept of SslConnectionGreg Wilkins2-3/+3
2011-10-18organised importsGreg Wilkins1-1/+0
2011-09-20[323311] apply 5th patch of thomas, also removed extra method on IdentityServ...Jesse McConnell1-0/+7
2011-09-20353627 Basic Auth checks that Basic method has been sendGreg Wilkins1-15/+15
2011-02-22337878 Extra tests of security constraintsGreg Wilkins1-1/+31
2010-11-16improved test harness - removed arbitrary waitsGreg Wilkins1-146/+149
2010-10-24moved B64Code to utilGreg Wilkins1-1/+1
2010-10-20328205 Improved SelectManager stoppingGreg Wilkins1-22/+20

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