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2016-02-12add .mvn with jvm and mvn configHEADmasterJesse McConnell2-0/+4
2016-02-10Merged branch 'jetty-9.3.x' into 'master'.Simone Bordet2-0/+34
2016-02-10486589 - HttpRequest has a wrong HTTP Version in HTTP/2.jetty-9.3.xSimone Bordet2-0/+34
2016-02-09Merged branch 'jetty-9.3.x' into 'master'.Simone Bordet14-239/+223
2016-02-09Merged branch 'jetty-9.2.x' into 'jetty-9.3.x'.Simone Bordet14-239/+223
2016-02-09487511 - Jetty HTTP won't work on turkish systems.jetty-9.2.xSimone Bordet8-109/+130
Fixed usages of toLowerCase() and toUpperCase() to use Locale.ENGLISH.
2016-02-08Merged branch 'jetty-9.3.x' into 'master'.Simone Bordet5-0/+56
2016-02-08Merged branch 'jetty-9.2.x' into 'jetty-9.3.x'.Simone Bordet5-0/+56
2016-02-08Updated ALPN version for JDK 8u73 and 8u74.Simone Bordet5-0/+56
2016-02-05Merged branch 'jetty-9.3.x' into 'master'.Simone Bordet16-353/+411
2016-02-05486829 - Cancel stream error after a failed request with the HTTP/2.0 client.Simone Bordet2-0/+49
Fixed by properly notifying the callback even when the exchange has already been aborted.
2016-02-05487354 - Aborted request or response does not send RST_STREAM frame.Simone Bordet5-20/+159
Fixed by sending a RST_STREAM frame when the channel is aborted.
2016-02-05Added Javadocs.Simone Bordet1-0/+45
2016-02-05Added HttpInput prepend contentGreg Wilkins2-1/+90
Allows content to be reread
2016-02-04487277 - Introduce http-forwarded module for X-Forwarded supportGreg Wilkins4-5/+38
2016-02-04removing debugging outputJoakim Erdfelt1-1/+0
2016-02-04487197 - Deflater/Inflater memory leak with WebSocket permessage-deflate ↵Joakim Erdfelt3-9/+42
extension + CompressExtension implementations are now part of the Jetty LifeCycle + Deflater and Inflater implementations are only instantiated when needed. + CompressExtension.doStop() LifeCycle will call .end() on instantiated Deflater and Inflater implementations
2016-02-04487198 ContextScopeListener should be called on context start and stopJan Bartel1-1/+3
2016-02-04Merge branch 'master' of ↵Greg Wilkins3-9/+4
2016-02-04Revert "486394 - Restore MultiPartFilter behavior with regards to temp file ↵Jan Bartel2-321/+24
access" This reverts commit 009fde2400a746b1ce24ba04bd4fcd001378516b.
2016-02-04Revert "Fixing license header formatting on new file"Jan Bartel1-1/+0
This reverts commit c858bc126a16b79346d608452341f575de8590e2.
2016-02-04fixed mergeGreg Wilkins1-0/+1
2016-02-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jetty-9.3.x'Greg Wilkins45-385/+1732
2016-02-03Merge branch 'jetty-9.3.x'Joakim Erdfelt46-386/+1706
2016-02-03Fixing license header formatting on new fileJoakim Erdfelt1-0/+1
2016-02-03486394 - Restore MultiPartFilter behavior with regards to temp file accessJoakim Erdfelt2-24/+321
+ Adding HttpServletRequest.getParts() demonstration of duplicate name="" entries + Adding 2 new testcases in MultipartFilterTest demonstrating location/temp file access issue (currently @Ignored)
2016-02-03Fix FileSessionManagerTest to put tmp file in target dirJan Bartel1-6/+7
2016-02-03485306 - HttpParser (HttpURI) mistaking basic auth password as a port numberGreg Wilkins2-1/+28
Added support for a password and a getUser() method
2016-02-03486394 Make old behaviour of MultiPartInputStreamParser configurableJan Bartel4-5/+124
2016-02-03Revert "486394 - MultipartConfig.fileSizeThreshold default of 0 should ↵Jan Bartel1-28/+2
always create a file" This reverts commit 734d18fb93da4f363acca96bd78ca6ca0f4b577b.
2016-02-03486530 - Handler added to WebAppContext prevents ServletContext initializationGreg Wilkins18-231/+597
Added warnings for loops and inappropriate handlers. Used insertHandler in more XML files
2016-02-02486877 - Google Chrome flagging 'obsolete cipher suite' in Jetty and will ↵Joakim Erdfelt2-11/+6
soon issue broken padlock + Rely on SslContextFactory defaults for Includes/Excludes of Cipher Suites + Reference documentation for advice on setting up custom includes and excludes
2016-02-02Merge branch 'master' into session-refactorJan Bartel3-15/+39
2016-02-02486674 - Quickstart path attribute normalization should be based on longest ↵Joakim Erdfelt1-6/+38
path match + Adding weight to individual PathAttribute's to allow specific keys to win in the situation where more than 1 key is the same path value
2016-02-02Fixing blog iframe src referenceJoakim Erdfelt1-1/+1
2016-02-02486930 - Selector does not correctly handle rejected execution exceptionGreg Wilkins1-4/+7
ignoring the test harness, as it does not work from command line?
2016-02-02486530 Handler added to WebAppContext prevents ServletContext initializationJan Bartel1-12/+14
2016-02-02486530 Handler added to WebAppContext prevents ServletContext initializationJan Bartel1-12/+14
2016-02-02486497 NPE in MappedLoginServiceJan Bartel2-3/+25
2016-02-01486497 NPE in MappedLoginServiceJan Bartel2-2/+22
2016-02-01Move GCloudSessionDataStore after rename of gcloud-session-managerJan Bartel1-0/+0
2016-02-01486930 - Selector does not correctly handle rejected execution exceptionGreg Wilkins3-3/+38
Improved comments and unit test
2016-02-01486930 - Selector does not correctly handle rejected execution exceptionGreg Wilkins6-9/+220
This fix work in two ways: 1) Both the PEC and EPC strategies when confronted with a RejectedExecutionException will continue to Produce rather than consume. 2) If a produced Runnable cannot be consumed and it supports the new Rejectable interface, then it's reject() method is called by the producer thread. Typically this is implemented to close the connection - with the risk being that the close might block, but that is probably better than leaking the connection?
2016-02-01Merge branch 'master' into session-refactorJan Bartel61-407/+1245
2016-02-01Changes after mergeJan Bartel39-60/+38
2016-02-01Merge branch 'master' into session-refactorJan Bartel2528-4352/+5299
Conflicts: jetty-nosql/src/main/java/org/eclipse/jetty/nosql/ jetty-nosql/src/main/java/org/eclipse/jetty/nosql/ jetty-server/src/main/java/org/eclipse/jetty/server/session/ jetty-server/src/main/java/org/eclipse/jetty/server/session/ jetty-server/src/main/java/org/eclipse/jetty/server/session/ jetty-server/src/main/java/org/eclipse/jetty/server/session/ jetty-server/src/test/java/org/eclipse/jetty/server/session/ tests/test-sessions/test-mongodb-sessions/src/test/java/org/eclipse/jetty/nosql/mongodb/ tests/test-sessions/test-mongodb-sessions/src/test/java/org/eclipse/jetty/nosql/mongodb/
2016-01-29485469 - permessage-deflate extension causes protocol error in Firefox/ChromeJoakim Erdfelt2-0/+4
+ Ensure that CONTINUATION frames are marked without RSV1 bit set during all code paths for permessage-deflate
2016-01-28486530 - Handler added to WebAppContext prevents ServletContext initializationJoakim Erdfelt2-2/+16
+ Adding (commented out) testcase to JstlTest to demonstrate behavior
2016-01-27486674 - Quickstart path attribute normalization should be based on longest ↵Joakim Erdfelt2-93/+264
path match
2016-01-27486604 - Add debug logging of ErrorPageErrorHandler logicJoakim Erdfelt2-6/+52

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