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diff --git a/jetty-unixsocket/src/main/config/modules/unixsocket-http.mod b/jetty-unixsocket/src/main/config/modules/unixsocket-http.mod
index 4929795abb..05c46bee79 100644
--- a/jetty-unixsocket/src/main/config/modules/unixsocket-http.mod
+++ b/jetty-unixsocket/src/main/config/modules/unixsocket-http.mod
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-Adds a HTTP connection factory to the Unix Domain Socket connector.
+Adds a HTTP protocol support to the Unix Domain Socket connector.
It should be used when a proxy is forwarding either HTTP or decrypted
HTTPS traffic to the connector and may be used with the
unix-socket-http2c modules to upgrade to HTTP/2.

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