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2018-06-26Bug 536290 - cleanup the warnings in jdt.core - first set UNUSED apII20180629-0420I20180629-0400I20180628-2000I20180628-0230I20180627-2020I20180627-2000Manoj Palat1-11/+0
2018-04-17Updated API problem filtersDani Megert1-1/+1
2018-03-04Bug 530305 - [null] consider opening @NonNullByDefault to all defaultTill Brychcy1-0/+11
2017-03-07Bug 511310: API Analysis Builder broken for multi-version bundles (2)I20170308-0800I20170307-2000Markus Keller1-21/+0
2017-01-30Bug 511310: API Analysis Builder broken for multi-version bundles (2)I20170130-2000Markus Keller1-0/+21
2017-01-19update require bundle versions and remove outdated API filtersMarkus Keller1-21/+0
2016-04-18Bug 490012 - Remove the "strictly compatible JRE" per-project override from a...Stefan Xenos1-3/+0
2016-03-15Bug 489684: API Analysis Builder broken for multi-version bundlesMarkus Keller1-0/+21
2016-03-14Bug 442103 - [null] Enhancements to org.eclipse.jdt.annotation packageI20160315-0800Stephan Herrmann1-2/+18
2015-03-11fixed compiler compliance (was not correctly updated to 1.8)I20150311-1300Markus Keller1-3/+4
2014-07-03Bug 438875: Set correct project/file encodings and use Unix line delimiterMarkus Keller2-364/+366
2013-08-16Bug 414444: [1.8][null] Configure null annotation bundle for 1.8 (TYPE_USE)Markus Keller1-3/+3
2011-12-01Bug 186342: [compiler][null] Using annotations for null checkingMarkus Keller6-12/+603
2011-11-29HEAD - Supporting new bundle (annotation types) forv20111130Stephan Herrmann1-0/+12

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