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2011-12-01Improve cascadingDescriptorList tag. Improve TriggerProjectPropertyakozak7-69/+82
2011-12-01Added cascading for "Restrict where this project can be run"akozak12-67/+356
2011-12-01addPublisher/removePublisher methods were relocated to BaseBuildableProejct.akozak3-25/+27
2011-12-01Added mockito-core dependency to plugin-parentakozak1-0/+28
2011-12-01Refine BasePP class in order to provide better flexibility in resetting origi...akozak2-11/+18
2011-12-01Implement equals/hashcode for ParameterDefinition subclasses. Add unit tests ...akozak11-0/+496
2011-12-01Improve upstream/downstream triggers handling for cascading functionality. Ad...akozak5-14/+85
2011-12-01Fixed NPE (if the node on which the job previously had been built was not ava...akozak1-1/+6
2011-12-01Improved highlighting and help messages for the triggers.akozak7-15/+31
2011-12-01Implement test for legacy triggers, publishers conversionakozak2-13/+72
2011-12-01Implement cascading functionality for triggersakozak9-36/+292
2011-12-01A few fixes.akozak5-9/+5
2011-12-01Clean-up job class. Use set of get*Properties methods from CascadingUtilakozak23-234/+143
2011-12-01Unify logic for publishers and buildWrappers. Introduce cascading for buildWr...akozak10-85/+146
2011-12-01Implement unit test for cascading utils. Move cascading test cases from Funct...akozak5-113/+258
2011-12-01Introduce CascadingUtil class. Move cascading logic to utils. Improve FreeSty...akozak7-129/+403
2011-12-01Added tests, fixed javadoc.akozak3-3/+75
2011-12-01Implement recursive filtering for List of cascading candidatesakozak3-2/+34
2011-12-01Added cascading links updating on the project renaming.akozak3-1/+85
2011-12-01Implement unit-tests for link/unlink cascading projects. Improve deleteConfir...akozak7-22/+154
2011-12-01Implement method for unlinking cascading project from parents. Improve linkCa...akozak2-11/+25
2011-12-01Added cascadingChildrenNames set and appropriate methods.akozak2-0/+57
2011-12-01Improved ru properties, help messages. Fixed UI for concurrentBuild cascading...akozak37-102/+497
2011-12-01Disable cascading JS for tests. Fix DescribableListProperty (when getDefaultV...akozak3-5/+8
2011-12-01doResetProjectProperty method was relocated to Job class.akozak2-20/+19
2011-12-01Update JavaDocs for PP. Implement unit-tests for ExternalProjectPropertyakozak3-25/+66
2011-12-01Upgrade to sisu 2.3.0 and guava 10.0.1akozak1-3/+9
2011-12-01Refine isModified logic. Use this field only for special ProjectProperty that...akozak16-222/+171
2011-12-01Unified checkbox names in order to match property names.akozak5-11/+22
2011-12-01Introduce returnOriginalValue method for PP class. Add ability to override th...akozak7-3/+156
2011-12-01Avoid caching of css and js custom resources. Add hudson version to css and j...akozak3-17/+31
2011-12-01Introduce isModified field in order to trigger Property changes from UI. Impl...akozak11-59/+260
2011-12-01Resolve issue: publishers were not populated because of invalid method usageakozak1-2/+8
2011-12-01Resolve issue: section element wasn't opened during page reloadakozak1-2/+2
2011-12-01Increase visibility for allowOverrideValue method. Move this method to IProje...akozak4-11/+17
2011-12-01Fixed issue with revert button rendering in IE.akozak3-14/+15
2011-12-01Dublicate code was removed from Project and Matrix Build. BaseBuildableProjec...akozak6-313/+263
2011-12-01Enabled commented rebuildConfigurations, temporary disabled legacy Matrix con...akozak3-4/+6
2011-12-01Fixed issue with cascading matrix child project loading.akozak2-19/+30
2011-12-01Since we do not know the private key (couldn't get it after the fork), replac...akozak1-33/+37
2011-12-01Fix invalid encoding for LegacyTest fileakozak1-12/+12
2011-12-01Improved SCM cascading.akozak6-62/+96
2011-12-01Draft implementation of publisher project properties for FreeStyleProject. Im...akozak7-56/+313
2011-12-01Added cascading for project SCM.akozak6-4/+253
2011-12-01Imrove BaseProjectProperty. Use reflectionEquals for allowOverrideakozak2-6/+23
2011-12-01Improved test.akozak3-4/+5
2011-12-01Fixed test which verifies loading of the legacy project matrix configurationakozak2-16/+20
2011-12-01Fixed test which verifies loading of the legacy project matrix configurationakozak4-7/+31
2011-12-01Rev-up XSTREAM to 1.4.1-hudson-2akozak1-1/+1
2011-12-01Improves cobertura configuration.akozak8-68/+161

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