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<!-- **************************************************************************
# Copyright  (c) 2004-2011 Oracle Corporation.
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
# Contributors:
#    Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Anton Kozak
#************************************************************************** --> 
<?jelly escape-by-default='true'?>
<j:jelly xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns:st="jelly:stapler" xmlns:d="jelly:define" xmlns:l="/lib/layout" xmlns:t="/lib/hudson" xmlns:f="/lib/form">
    Radio button with a label that hides additional controls.
    When checked, those additional controls are displayed. This is useful
    for presenting mutually exclusive options, where each option comes
    with a sub-form that provides additional configuration.
    <st:attribute name="name" use="required">
      Name of the radio button group. Radio buttons that are mutually exclusive need
      to have the same name.
    <st:attribute name="value" use="required">
      @value of the &lt;input> element.
    <st:attribute name="title" use="required">
      Human readable label text to be rendered next to the radio button.
    <st:attribute name="checked" use="required" type="boolean">
      Should this control be initially checked or not?
    <st:attribute name="help">
      If specified, the (?) help icon will be rendered on the right,
      for in place help text. See &lt;f:entry> for the details.
    <st:attribute name="isPropertyOverridden">
      if present and true - value is overridden
    <j:if test="${attrs.isPropertyOverridden==null}">
        <j:set target="${attrs}" property="isPropertyOverridden" value="false"/>
    <tr class="radio-block-start" hasHelp="${!=null}"><!-- this ID marks the beginning -->
        <td colspan="3" class="${attrs.isPropertyOverridden? 'modified': 'original'}">
            <input type="radio" name="${name}" value="${value}"
                   class="radio-block-control" checked="${checked?'true':null}"/>
            <label class="attach-previous">${title}</label>
        <j:if test="${!=null}">
                <a href="#" class="help-button" helpURL="${rootURL}${help}">
                    <img src="${imagesURL}/16x16/help.png" alt="Help for feature: ${title}"/>
    <j:if test="${!=null}">
    <!-- end marker -->
    <tr class="radio-block-end" style="display:none"/>

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