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# Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Oracle Corporation
# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
# Contributors: 
#    Kohsuke Kawaguchi,

AbstractBuild.BuildingRemotely=Building remotely on {0}
AbstractBuild.BuildingOnMaster=Building on master
AbstractBuild.KeptBecause=kept because of {0}

AbstractItem.NoSuchJobExists=No such job ''{0}'' exists.
AbstractItem.NoSuchJobExists2=No such job ''{0}'' exists. Perhaps you meant ''{1}''?
AbstractProject.NewBuildForWorkspace=Scheduling a new build to get a workspace.
AbstractProject.AwaitingBuildForWorkspace=Awaiting build to get a workspace.
AbstractProject.BuildInProgress=Build #{0} is already in progress{1}
AbstractProject.UpstreamBuildInProgress=Upstream project {0} is already building.
AbstractProject.DownstreamBuildInProgress=Downstream project {0} is already building.
AbstractProject.Disabled=Build disabled
AbstractProject.ETA=\ (ETA:{0})
AbstractProject.NoBuilds=No existing build. Scheduling a new one.
AbstractProject.NoSCM=No SCM
AbstractProject.NoWorkspace=No workspace is available, so can''t check for updates.
AbstractProject.PollingABorted=SCM polling aborted
AbstractProject.ScmAborted=SCM check out aborted
AbstractProject.WorkspaceOffline=Workspace is offline.
  This permission grants the ability to start a new build.
  This permission grants the ability to retrieve the contents of a workspace \
  Hudson checked out for performing builds. If you don''t want an user to access \
  the source code, you can do so by revoking this permission.
  This permission grants the ability to wipe out the contents of a workspace.
  This permission grants read-only access to project configurations. Please be \
  aware that sensitive information in your builds, such as passwords, will be \
  exposed to a wider audience by granting this permission.
  Invalid boolean expression: {0}
  There's no slave/cloud that matches this assignment
AbstractProject.UnableWipeOut=Unable to wipe out workspace.

Api.MultipleMatch=XPath "{0}" matched {1} nodes. \
    Create XPath that only matches one, or use the "wrapper" query parameter to wrap them all under a root element. 
Api.NoXPathMatch=XPath {0} didn''t match

BallColor.InProgress=In progress

CLI.clear-queue.shortDescription=Clears the build queue
CLI.delete-job.shortDescription=Deletes a job
CLI.disable-job.shortDescription=Disables a job
CLI.enable-job.shortDescription=Enables a job
CLI.delete-node.shortDescription=Deletes a node
CLI.disconnect-node.shortDescription=Disconnects from a node
CLI.connect-node.shortDescription=Reconnect to a node using a node for performing builds, to cancel out the earlier "offline-node" command.
CLI.offline-node.shortDescription=Stop using a node for performing builds temporarily, until the next "online-node" command.

Computer.Caption=Slave {0}
Computer.ConfigurePermission.Description=This permission allows users to configure slaves.
Computer.DeletePermission.Description=This permission allows users to delete existing slaves.
Computer.BadChannel=Slave node offline or not a remote channel (such as master node).

ComputerSet.NoSuchSlave=No such slave: {0}
ComputerSet.SlaveAlreadyExists=Slave called ''{0}'' already exists
ComputerSet.SpecifySlaveToCopy=Specify which slave to copy

ExternalJob.DisplayName=Monitor an external job

FreeStyleProject.DisplayName=Build a free-style software project


Hudson.BadPortNumber=Bad port number {0}
Hudson.ControlCodeNotAllowed=No control code is allowed: {0}
Hudson.JobAlreadyExists=A job already exists with the name ''{0}''
Hudson.NoJavaInPath=java is not in your PATH. Maybe you need to <a href=''{0}/configure''>configure JDKs</a>?
Hudson.NoName=No name is specified
Hudson.NoSuchDirectory=No such directory: {0}
Hudson.NodeBeingRemoved=Node is being removed
Hudson.NotADirectory={0} is not a directory
Hudson.NotAPlugin={0} is not a Hudson plugin
Hudson.NotJDKDir={0} doesn''t look like a JDK directory
Hudson.USER_CONTENT_README=Files in this directory will be served under your http://server/hudson/userContent/
Hudson.UnsafeChar=''{0}'' is an unsafe character
Hudson.ViewAlreadyExists=A view already exists with the name "{0}"
Hudson.NotANumber=Not a number
Hudson.NotAPositiveNumber=Not a positive number
Hudson.NotANonNegativeNumber=Number may not be negative
Hudson.NotANegativeNumber=Not a negative number
  Your container doesn''t use UTF-8 to decode URLs. If you use non-ASCII characters as a job name etc, \
  this will cause problems. \
  See <a href=''''>Containers</a> and \
  <a href=''''>Tomcat i18n</a> for more details.
  This permission grants the ability to make system-wide configuration changes, \
  as well as perform highly sensitive operations that amounts to full local system access \
  (within the scope granted by the underlying OS.)
  The read permission is necessary for viewing almost all pages of Hudson. \
  This permission is useful when you don''t want unauthenticated users to see \
  Hudson pages &mdash; revoke this permission from the anonymous user, then \
  add "authenticated" pseudo-user and grant the read access. 
Hudson.NodeDescription=the master Hudson node


Job.AllRecentBuildFailed=All recent builds failed.
Job.BuildStability=Build stability: {0}
Job.NOfMFailed={0} out of the last {1} builds failed.
Job.NoRecentBuildFailed=No recent builds failed.

Label.GroupOf=group of {0}
Label.InvalidLabel=invalid label
Label.ProvisionedFrom=Provisioned from {0} 
Node.BecauseNodeIsReserved={0} is reserved for jobs tied to it
Node.LabelMissing={0} doesn''t have label {1}
Queue.AllNodesOffline=All nodes of label ''{0}'' are offline
Queue.BlockedBy=Blocked by {0}
Queue.HudsonIsAboutToShutDown=Hudson is about to shut down
Queue.InProgress=A build is already in progress
Queue.InQuietPeriod=In the quiet period. Expires in {0}
Queue.NodeOffline={0} is offline
Queue.WaitingForNextAvailableExecutor=Waiting for next available executor
Queue.WaitingForNextAvailableExecutorOn=Waiting for next available executor on {0}
Queue.init=Restoring the build queue

Run.BuildAborted=Build was aborted
Run.MarkedExplicitly=explicitly marked to keep the record
Run.UnableToDelete=Unable to delete {0}: {1}
  This permission allows users to manually delete specific builds from the build history.
  This permission allows users to update description and other properties of a build, \
  for example to leave notes about the cause of a build failure.
  This permission grants the ability to retrieve the artifacts produced by \
  builds. If you don''t want an user to access the artifacts, you can do so by \
  revoking this permission.
Run.InProgressDuration={0} and counting

Run.Summary.BackToNormal=back to normal
Run.Summary.BrokenForALongTime=broken for a long time
Run.Summary.BrokenSinceThisBuild=broken since this build
Run.Summary.BrokenSince=broken since build {0}
Run.Summary.TestFailures={0} {0,choice,0#test failures|1#test failure|1<test failures}
Run.Summary.TestsStartedToFail={0} {0,choice,0#tests|1#test|1<tests}  started to fail
Run.Summary.TestsStillFailing={0} {0,choice,0#tests are|1#test is|1<tests are} still failing
Run.Summary.MoreTestsFailing={0} more {0,choice,0#tests are|1#test is|1<tests are} failing (total {1})
Run.Summary.LessTestsFailing={0} less {0,choice,0#tests are|1#test is|1<tests are} failing (total {1})

Slave.InvalidConfig.Executors=Invalid slave configuration for {0}. Invalid # of executors.
Slave.InvalidConfig.NoName=Invalid slave configuration. Name is empty
Slave.InvalidConfig.NoRemoteDir=Invalid slave configuration for {0}. No remote directory given
Slave.Launching={0} Launching slave agent
Slave.Network.Mounted.File.System.Warning=Are you sure you want to use network mounted file system for FS root? Note that this directory does not need to be visible to the master.
Slave.Remote.Director.Mandatory=Remote directory is mandatory
Slave.Terminated={0} slave agent was terminated
Slave.UnableToLaunch=Unable to launch the slave agent for {0}{1}
Slave.UnixSlave=This is a Unix slave
Slave.WindowsSlave=This is a Windows slave

  This permission allows users to create new views.
  This permission allows users to delete existing views.
  This permission allows users to change the configuration of views.
View.MissingMode=No view type is specified

UpdateCenter.Status.CheckingInternet=Checking internet connectivity
UpdateCenter.Status.CheckingJavaNet=Checking update center connectivity
  <span class=error>Failed to resolve host name {0}. \
  Perhaps you need to <a href="../pluginManager/advanced">configure HTTP proxy?</a></span>
  <span class=error>Failed to connect to {0}. \
  Perhaps you need to <a href="../pluginManager/advanced">configure HTTP proxy?</a></span>
UpdateCenter.init=Initialing update center
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.builder=Build Tools
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.buildwrapper=Build Wrappers
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.cli=Command Line Interface
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.cluster=Cluster Management and Distributed Build
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.external=External Site/Tool Integrations
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.notifier=Build Notifiers Decorators Post-Build Actions Reports
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.scm=Source Code Management
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.scm-related=Source Code Management related
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.slaves=Slave Launchers and Controllers
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.trigger=Build Triggers
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.ui=User Interface
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.upload=Artifact Uploaders
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.user=Authentication and User Management
UpdateCenter.PluginCategory.unrecognized=Misc ({0})

Permalink.LastBuild=Last build
Permalink.LastStableBuild=Last stable build
Permalink.LastUnstableBuild=Last unstable build
Permalink.LastUnsuccessfulBuild=Last unsuccessful build
Permalink.LastSuccessfulBuild=Last successful build
Permalink.LastFailedBuild=Last failed build

StringParameterDefinition.DisplayName=String Parameter
FileParameterDefinition.DisplayName=File Parameter
BooleanParameterDefinition.DisplayName=Boolean Value
RunParameterDefinition.DisplayName=Run Parameter
PasswordParameterDefinition.DisplayName=Password Parameter

Node.Mode.NORMAL=Utilize this slave as much as possible
Node.Mode.EXCLUSIVE=Leave this machine for tied jobs only

ListView.DisplayName=List View

MyView.DisplayName=My View

LoadStatistics.Legends.TotalExecutors=Total executors
LoadStatistics.Legends.BusyExecutors=Busy executors
LoadStatistics.Legends.QueueLength=Queue length

Cause.LegacyCodeCause.ShortDescription=Legacy code started this job.  No cause information is available
Cause.UpstreamCause.ShortDescription=Started by upstream project "{0}" build number {1}
Cause.UserCause.ShortDescription=Started by user {0}
Cause.RemoteCause.ShortDescription=Started by remote host {0}
Cause.RemoteCause.ShortDescriptionWithNote=Started by remote host {0} with note: {1}

ProxyView.NoSuchViewExists=Global view {0} does not exist
ProxyView.DisplayName=Include a global view

MyViewsProperty.DisplayName=My Views
MyViewsProperty.GlobalAction.DisplayName=My Views
MyViewsProperty.ViewExistsCheck.NotExist=A view with name {0} does not exist
MyViewsProperty.ViewExistsCheck.AlreadyExists=A view with name {0} already exists

CLI.restart.shortDescription=Restart Hudson restart Hudson
CLI.keep-build.shortDescription=Mark the build to keep the build forever.
CLI.quiet-down.shortDescription=Quiet down Hudson, in preparation for a restart. Don''t start any builds.
CLI.cancel-quiet-down.shortDescription=Cancel the effect of the "quiet-down" command.
CLI.reload-configuration.shortDescription=Discard all the loaded data in memory and reload everything from file system. Useful when you modified config files directly on disk.

BuildAuthorizationToken.InvalidTokenProvided=Invalid token provided.

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