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0.1.xBug 442674 - Cope with breaking changes in Xtext 2.7Vladimir Piskarev5 days
masterSet modification stamp of PendingChangeVladimir Piskarev4 days
R-0.1R-0.1.zip  R-0.1.tar.gz  R-0.1.tar.bz2  Vladimir Piskarev2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
4 daysSet modification stamp of PendingChangeHEADmasterVladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-0/+1
4 daysBug 439216 - Set editor highlight range asynchronouslyVladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-38/+137
6 daysBug 441480 - Revise categorization for exemplary UI contributionsVladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev4-17/+47
6 daysClean-up of plugin.xml for Handly Basic Example UIVladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-192/+0
8 daysRemoved unnecessary `instanceof` and cast in the FooDeltaProcessorVladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-8/+4
11 daysBug 442363 - WorkspaceTestCase cleanUpWorkspace should also delete closed pro...Vladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-1/+2
13 daysBug 442065 - Take derived state into account while disposing HandlyXtextDocum...Vladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-14/+24
2014-08-11Updated CONTRIBUTING guideVladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-2/+6
2014-08-11Bug 441430 - The 'children' field of the class Body needs to be volatileVladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev1-8/+10
2014-07-29Bug 440612 - Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer in Handle 'toString' m...Vladimir PiskarevVladimir Piskarev3-39/+39
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