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 * Copyright (c) 2008, 2009 Borland Software Corporation
 * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
 * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
 * which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
 * Contributors:
 *    Artem Tikhomirov (Borland) - initial API and implementation


«EXTENSION xpt::GenModelUtils»
«EXTENSION gmf::GenModelUtils»

 * Does instanceof check.
«DEFINE IsInstance(accessor : String) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«accessor» instanceof «getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)»«ENDDEFINE»

// Shorthand, negates IsInstance - handy if you consider
// different approaches for generated and dynamic models: false == instanceof
// vs. !MetaModelFacility.isInstance
«DEFINE NotInstance(accessor : String) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
false == «EXPAND IsInstance(accessor)»«ENDDEFINE»

 * Special kind of instanceof check, that compares eContainer() of the object.
 * Since metaClass may be an external interface, eContainer() might need cast to EObject  
«DEFINE IsContainerInstance(_object : String, metaClass : genmodel::GenClass) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«EXPAND _getEObjectFeature(_object, 'eContainer()') FOR metaClass» instanceof «getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)»«ENDDEFINE»

«DEFINE _getEObjectFeature(_object : String, feature : String) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«IF isExternalInterface(self)»((org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject) «_object»).«feature»«ELSE»«_object».«feature»«ENDIF-»

// Public/API-sort templates are named with first letter capitalized.
// FIXME getFeatureValue* and setFeatureValue start with lowercase to indicate pending refactoring

«DEFINE getFeatureValue(containerVar : String, containerClass : genmodel::GenClass) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
«IF isExternalInterface(containerClass)-»
((«EXPAND featureTargetType») ((org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject) «containerVar»).eGet(«EXPAND MetaFeature»))«-»

«DEFINE featureTargetType FOR genmodel::GenFeature»«IF isListType(self)»java.util.List«ELSE»«EXPAND QualifiedClassName FOR findGenClassifier(genClass.genPackage.genModel, ecoreFeature.eType)»«ENDIF»«ENDDEFINE»

 * FIXME leave only one version of these two getFeatureValue
 * A slightly more sophisticated version of getFeatureValue().
 * @param containerName the name of the container
 * @param feature the feature whose value is in interest
 * @param containerMetaClass the <code>GenClass</code> of the container, or <code>null</code>, if the container is declared as an <code>org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject</code>.
 * @param needsCastToResultType whether the cast to the result type is required (this parameter is only used if the <code>org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EClass</code> this feature belongs to is an external interface). 
«DEFINE getFeatureValue(containerVar : String, container : genmodel::GenClass, needsCastToResultType : Boolean) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
«IF isExternalInterface(genClass)-»
«IF needsCastToResultType»((«EXPAND featureTargetType») «ENDIF»«parenthesizedCast(containerVar, container, null)».eGet(«EXPAND MetaFeature»)«IF needsCastToResultType»)«ENDIF-»
«parenthesizedCast(containerVar, container, genClass)».«getGetAccessor(self)»()«-»

«DEFINE modifyFeature(targetVar : String, targetType : genmodel::GenClass, value : String) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
«IF isListType(self)-»
«EXPAND getFeatureValue(targetVar, targetType)».add(«value»);«-»
«EXPAND setFeatureValue(targetVar, targetType, value)»;«-»

«DEFINE replaceFeatureValue(targetVar : String, targetType : genmodel::GenClass, oldValue : String, newValue : String) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
«IF isListType(self)-»
	«EXPAND getFeatureValue(targetVar, targetType)».remove(«oldValue»);
	«EXPAND modifyFeature(targetVar, targetType, newValue)-»

«DEFINE moveFeatureValue(oldTarget : String, newTarget : String, targetType : genmodel::GenClass, value : String) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
«IF isListType(self)-»
	«EXPAND getFeatureValue(oldTarget, targetType)».remove(«value»);
	«EXPAND setFeatureValue(oldTarget, targetType, 'null')»;
	«EXPAND modifyFeature(newTarget, targetType, value)-»

«DEFINE setFeatureValue(targetVar : String, targetType : genmodel::GenClass, valueVar : String) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
«EXPAND setFeatureValue(targetVar, targetType, valueVar, false)»«ENDDEFINE»

// FIXME support list features as well, i.e. do .add() instead of eSet
«DEFINE setFeatureValue(targetVar : String, targetType : genmodel::GenClass, valueVar : String, isPlainObjectValue : Boolean) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
«IF isExternalInterface(targetType)-»
((org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject) «targetVar»).eSet(«EXPAND MetaFeature», «valueVar»)«-»
«targetVar».set«getAccessorName(self)»(«IF not isPlainObjectValue»«valueVar»«ELSE»«IF isPrimitiveType(self)»«EXPAND _unwrapObjectToPrimitiveValue(valueVar)»«ELSE»(«EXPAND featureTargetType») «valueVar»«ENDIF»«ENDIF»)«-»

«DEFINE _unwrapObjectToPrimitiveValue(valueVar : String) FOR genmodel::GenFeature-»
((«EXPAND featureTargetType») «valueVar»).«ecoreFeature.eType.instanceClassName»Value()«ENDDEFINE»

«DEFINE MetaClass FOR genmodel::GenClassifier»«getQualifiedPackageInterfaceName(genPackage)».eINSTANCE.get«getClassifierAccessorName(self)»()«ENDDEFINE»

«DEFINE MetaFeature FOR genmodel::GenFeature»«getQualifiedPackageInterfaceName(genClass.genPackage)».eINSTANCE.get«getFeatureAccessorName(self)»()«ENDDEFINE»

// SomeFactory.eINSTANCE.createBlaBla();
//NB: for map entries, the resulting type is EObject, not the qualified interface name. If cast is needed, use (un)parenthesizedCast() extension.
//see GenClassImpl#hasFactoryInterfaceCreateMethod() for details why map entries should be treated differently
«DEFINE NewInstance FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«IF isMapEntry(self)-»
«getQualifiedFactoryInterfaceName(genPackage)».«getFactoryInstanceName(genPackage)».create(«EXPAND MetaClass»)«ELSE-»

// XXX Need to take into account possible GenClass from generated and always available code
// e.g. Notation or Ecore 

// FIXME be consistent on final line feed - e.g. NewInstance adds a LF, while modifyFeature not, hence together they look odd.
«DEFINE NewInstance(varName : String) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)» «varName» = «IF isMapEntry(self)»(«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)») «ENDIF»«EXPAND NewInstance»;

 * Ensures value is of type EObject, may be no-op if context GenClass is compatible with EObject.
 * Note, injected value is not surrounded with parenthesis, may need to introduce another
 * template to accomplish that if needed.
«DEFINE DowncastToEObject(value : String) FOR genmodel::GenClass»«IF isExternalInterface(self)»(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject) «ENDIF»«value»«ENDDEFINE»

 * Declares new variable of appropriate type and assigns casted value to it.
«DEFINE DeclareAndAssign(assignee : String, value : String) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)» «assignee» = («getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)») «value»;«ENDDEFINE»

 * third boolean parameter is to indicate the value is not EObject, so may
 * need extra cast in case dynamic model instances are in use.
«DEFINE DeclareAndAssign(assignee : String, value : String, isPlainObjectValue : Boolean) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«EXPAND DeclareAndAssign(assignee, value)»«ENDDEFINE»

«DEFINE DeclareAndAssign(assignee : String, value : String, isPlainObjectValue : Boolean) FOR genmodel::GenClassifier-»
«self.getQualifiedClassName()» «assignee» = («self.getQualifiedClassName()») «value»;«ENDDEFINE»

// @see IsContainerInstance
«DEFINE DeclareAndAssignContainer(assignee : String, _object : String, metaClass : genmodel::GenClass) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)» «assignee» = («getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)») «EXPAND _getEObjectFeature(_object, 'eContainer()') FOR metaClass»;«ENDDEFINE»

 * Declares new variable of context type and assignes a value obtained from 'src',
 * which is of type 'srcMetaClass', via 'srcFeature'
 * XXX in certain scenarions may need extra cast of the feature value
«DEFINE DeclareAndAssign(assignee : String, src : String, srcMetaClass : genmodel::GenClass, srcFeature : genmodel::GenFeature) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)» «assignee» = «EXPAND getFeatureValue(src, srcMetaClass) FOR srcFeature»;«ENDDEFINE»

 * Same as DeclareAndAssign, with extra operation applied to source object
«DEFINE DeclareAndAssign2(assignee : String, src : String, srcMetaClass : genmodel::GenClass, srcFeature : genmodel::GenFeature, srcExt : String, needCast : Boolean) FOR genmodel::GenClass-»
«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)» «assignee» = «IF needCast»(«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)») «ENDIF»«EXPAND getFeatureValue(src, srcMetaClass) FOR srcFeature».«srcExt»;«ENDDEFINE»

 * Cast value of type EObject to specific type. Would be no-op with dynamic model instances,
 * therefore, the fact eObjectValue is actually EObject is essential
«DEFINE CastEObject(eObjectValue : String) FOR genmodel::GenClass»(«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)») «eObjectValue»«ENDDEFINE»

 * Qualified interface name of the generated EClass, or EObject for dynamic models.
 * Use whenever class name is inevitable (e.g. method arguments)
 * SHOULD NEVER APPEAR in instanceof or any other similar comparison operation
«DEFINE QualifiedClassName FOR genmodel::GenClass»«getQualifiedInterfaceName(self)»«ENDDEFINE»
«DEFINE QualifiedClassName FOR genmodel::GenClassifier»«self.getQualifiedClassName()»«ENDDEFINE»

«DEFINE PopulateItemProviderFactories(factoryListVar : String) FOR gmfgen::GenEditorGenerator-»
«FOREACH getAllDomainGenPackages(true)->asSequence() AS genPackage-»
		«factoryListVar».add(new «getQualifiedItemProviderAdapterFactoryClassName(genPackage)»());

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