BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
372365[372365] Remove bundle (moved to gef4.graph)Fabian Steeg6 months
master[NONE] Add dependency to guava.anyssen13 hours
zest.core.refactoring[372365] Manage GraphContainer's LayoutAlgorithm in its LayoutContext.mwienand2 months
zest.fx.refactoring[NONE] Add missing copyright headers.mwienand8 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  replica.tar.gz  replica.tar.bz2  anyssen9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
13 hours[NONE] Add dependency to guava.HEADmasteranyssenanyssen1-1/+2
13 hours[NONE] Change getAnchoreds() to return a Multiset instead of a List.anyssenanyssen2-9/+21
14 hours[440554] Make FXGeometricModelPart not selectable.mwienandmwienand1-0/+9
15 hours[440554] Implement deletion of curves.mwienandmwienand2-2/+13
15 hours[NONE] Ensure one VisualChangeListener is registered per anchorage in Abstrac...mwienandmwienand2-17/+29
15 hours[440554] Do not create "empty" operations when deleting.mwienandmwienand2-12/+25
17 hours[NONE] Change default role to null.mwienandmwienand4-33/+28
18 hours[NONE] Use Guava SetMultimap for storing anchorages with roles (also for cont...mwienandmwienand24-239/+181
18 hours[440554] Refactor delete operations and policies in the example.mwienandmwienand3-116/+163
18 hours[NONE] Change anchorage mechanism to support roles.mwienandmwienand23-289/+385