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master[458320, 458323] Implement adaptable scope and apply it to MVC.anyssen8 hours
zest.core.refactoring[372365] Manage GraphContainer's LayoutAlgorithm in its LayoutContext.mwienand8 months
zest.fx.refactoring[NONE] Add missing copyright headers.mwienand8 months
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8 hours[458320, 458323] Implement adaptable scope and apply it to MVC.HEADmasteranyssenanyssen17-123/+600
8 hours[NONE] Fix bug in FXUtils#getPointerLocation on Mac OS X.anyssenanyssen4-31/+72
8 hours[NONE] Remove toString() implementation from FXGeometricCurvePart.anyssenanyssen1-5/+0
8 hours[NONE] Fixed os string was incorrect for Mac.anyssenanyssen1-1/+1
8 hours[458322] Replaced viewer dependencies by injection of behaviors.anyssenanyssen8-152/+52
16 hours[NONE] Fix Zest.FX tests by configuring the correct adapters.mwienandmwienand2-25/+37
32 hours[458280] Move all parts "linked" to any selected part within FXRelocateLinked...mwienandmwienand1-3/+11
33 hours[NONE] Adapt Zest.FX to use the new FXTransformPolicy.mwienandmwienand3-14/+34
33 hours[458274] Change SWT Cursor according to JavaFX Cursor.mwienandmwienand2-0/+118
37 hours[458390] Implement rotation for multi-selection and move to MVC.FX.mwienandmwienand3-131/+169