BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
372365[372365] Remove bundle (moved to gef4.graph)Fabian Steeg11 months
master[NONE] Rename "pruning" to "hiding".mwienand8 hours
zest.core.refactoring[372365] Manage GraphContainer's LayoutAlgorithm in its LayoutContext.mwienand7 months
zest.fx.refactoring[NONE] Add missing copyright headers.mwienand7 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  replica.tar.gz  replica.tar.bz2  anyssen13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
8 hours[NONE] Rename "pruning" to "hiding".HEADmastermwienandmwienand11-166/+157
8 hours[NONE] Remove #isGraphEntity(Subgraph) as all subgraphs are graph entities in...mwienandmwienand6-71/+25
3 days[438734] Move ScrollPaneEx from FX.examples to FX.nodes.mwienandmwienand2-1/+2
3 days[438734] Add accessors for the scroll-offset.mwienandmwienand1-0/+16
6 days[438734] Use full width/height when only 1 scrollbar is visible.mwienandmwienand1-6/+31
6 days[438734] Recompute scrollbar values to match the current viewport translation...mwienandmwienand2-88/+94
6 days[438734] Add policies to open nested graphs/parent graphs.mwienandmwienand3-1/+112
6 days[NONE] Add support for cancelling drag policies.mwienandmwienand1-0/+19
6 days[438734] Show icon indicating a node is associated with a nested graph.mwienandmwienand1-93/+126
6 days[438734] Do not set "pruned" attribute to "false" when it did not exist in th...mwienandmwienand1-5/+13