BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
372365[372365] Remove bundle (moved to gef4.graph)Fabian Steeg7 months
master[NONE] Add a TODO to FXChopBoxAnchor to indicate it should be renamed.anyssen45 hours
zest.core.refactoring[372365] Manage GraphContainer's LayoutAlgorithm in its LayoutContext.mwienand3 months
zest.fx.refactoring[NONE] Add missing copyright headers.mwienand3 months
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45 hours[NONE] Add a TODO to FXChopBoxAnchor to indicate it should be renamed.HEADmasteranyssenanyssen1-0/+2
2 days[NONE] Ensure all projects use UTF-8 and Unix LF.anyssenanyssen12-0/+24
3 days[439474] Fixed standalone example (threading issue).anyssenanyssen1-6/+25
3 days[NONE] Rename operations of VisualChangeListener to be more precise.anyssenanyssen4-20/+20
4 days[439474] Created an initial ZestFXExampleApplication.anyssenanyssen2-55/+135
4 days[NONE] Fix @build@ token was not properly replaced.anyssenanyssen1-1/+1
4 days[NONE] Make branding info consistent.anyssenanyssen34-20/+260
4 days[NONE] Add feature dependencies, bundle Google plug-ins and fragments.anyssenanyssen24-38/+200
4 days[441359] Ensure consistency of third-party dependencies.anyssenanyssen17-344/+312
4 days[NONE] Fix test case (confirmed the build recognizes a failure).anyssenanyssen1-1/+1