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372365[372365] Remove bundle (moved to gef4.graph)Fabian Steeg10 months
master[452650] Small tweak in `AttrStmt` type label in outline viewFabian Steeg4 days
zest.core.refactoring[372365] Manage GraphContainer's LayoutAlgorithm in its LayoutContext.mwienand6 months
zest.fx.refactoring[NONE] Add missing copyright headers.mwienand6 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  replica.tar.gz  replica.tar.bz2  anyssen13 months
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4 days[452650] Small tweak in `AttrStmt` type label in outline viewHEADmasterFabian SteegFabian Steeg1-3/+2
4 days[452650] Customize DOT editor outline labels, icons, and structureFabian SteegFabian Steeg14-15/+179
4 days[NONE] Enhance the creation menu in the example.mwienandmwienand4-187/+497
4 days[NONE] Remove FXRootPart#zoomProperty and extract zoom level from content tra...mwienandmwienand3-37/+42
4 days[NONE] Provide methods to extract individual components (scale, rotate, trans...mwienandmwienand1-71/+95
4 days[NONE] Create simplistic creation menu.mwienandmwienand2-3/+120
5 days[NONE] Remove already accomplished TODO.anyssenanyssen1-2/+0
6 days[NONE] Updated .eap model file.anyssenanyssen1-0/+0
7 days[NONE] Remove unneeded generic parameter.anyssenanyssen1-1/+1
7 days[NONE] Made visual creation and registration more mature.anyssenanyssen3-86/+108