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2012-12-19Modifies copyright note of .Jayant Gupta1-44/+43
Change-Id: I44e227785ecf76e777c77083ab13e1d68d046ccd
2012-12-12Does corrections proposed in earlier reviewsJayant Gupta4-51/+12
1. Omits unnecessary dependencies 2. Removes unused Preference Initializer 3. Removes unnecessary refreshing of layout view 4. Corrects variable names Change-Id: I23e0e0e797696b6e1614b8dd36301839380ab744
2012-12-11Adds copyright note and Layout entry in pop-up menu of diagram editorsJayant Gupta14-0/+59
Change-Id: Ide613b1e96bc14671a197cab99b41634b387cadb
2012-08-20Adds user documentation and a new layout configurator.Jayant Gupta7-113/+156
1. Adds User documentation (textile and images). 2. Adds missing code comments and improves comment strings. 3. Adds a new layout configurator (ETriceLayoutConfig). 4. Removes the old semantic layout configurator. Change-Id: Id06b242316ea07c4c72fbe0b354dc068c6398a47
2012-08-20Adds preference pages for configuring default layout options.(New)Jayant Gupta9-5/+2340
1. Adds three preference pages :- - Layout : for general layout options - Behavior : for behavior diagrams - Structure ; for structure diagrams 2. Few Features :- - Domain specific preference pages - Option also configurable from KIELER > Layout Preference Page - Domain Model options set via a new tree dialog showing hierarchy Change-Id: Ie9cb175704377e7cf186d4e3480d8b8000532c59
2012-08-20Done Corrections and Added some Layout Option Infrastructure.Jayant Gupta7-125/+209
1. Added ETrice Semantic Layout Configurator. 2. Added two new Diagram Types for eTrice. 3. Done a few corrections and commenting. Change-Id: I24c39aad2c13db4da05963281908ec38a094d94f
2012-08-20Rebuild on Juno and solved some layout issuesJayant Gupta6-97/+594
1. Port labels corrected. 2. Heuristic for node sizes developed. 3. Context sensitive layout provided. 4. Internal Port Layout improved. 5. Default Layout options set. Change-Id: I1c2eb4bbc39f79d81c39c65c220ac2bc2015cd8d
2012-08-20Adding support for context sensitive layout and building on juno branchJayant Gupta4-0/+977
1. It contains the complete code for the layout plug-in (up-till now) 2. Adds the feature of context specific layout for a selected shape Change-Id: I7b833ee211015672c7ab211624752b8d97d4ff9a

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