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2016-10-17transition to NeonHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-28/+0
* resource map uses Neon update site * removed KIELER and layout features from Buckminster cspec (cannot be installed into Neon) * removed kieler and layout feature projects * upgraded BREE to Java 1.8 where necessary * eTrice-rt launch config with Java 1.8 * updated JUnit launch configs to Java 1.8 Change-Id: I35f8ac2819480dec7f5fe739ed2445af137a445f
2012-08-20Adding support for context sensitive layout and building on juno branchJayant Gupta1-0/+28
1. It contains the complete code for the layout plug-in (up-till now) 2. Adds the feature of context specific layout for a selected shape Change-Id: I7b833ee211015672c7ab211624752b8d97d4ff9a

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