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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-10-07[ui.runtime] added wizards to create runtime and modellib projectsHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-314/+0
2011-07-08[, generator, runtime, modellib] protocol messages can have zero or ...Henrik Rentz-Reichert1-8/+8
2011-03-24modellib: XText bug changed the order of the ROOM classesThomas Schuetz1-74/+76
2011-03-05integration.tests: fixed test after introduction of multi-threadingHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-69/+76
2011-03-05applied patch 2 ofHenrik Rentz-Reichert1-83/+75
2010-12-17initial contribution (cf. Rentz-Reichert1-0/+313

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