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+\section{eTrice Overview}
+\subsection{What is eTrice?}
+eTrice provides an implementation of the ROOM modeling language (Real Time Object Oriented Modeling) together with editors, code generators for Java, C++ and C code and exemplary target middleware.
+The model is defined in textual form (Xtext) with graphical editors (Graphiti) for the structural and behavioral (i.e. state machine) parts.
+h2. Reduction of Complexity
+eTrice is all about the reduction of complexity:
+* structural complexity
+** by explicit modeling of hierarchical Actor containment, layering and inheritance
+* behavioral complexity
+** by hierachical statemachines with inheritance
+* teamwork complexity
+** because loosely coupled Actors provide a natural way to structure team work
+** since textual model notation allows simple branching and merging
+* complexity of concurrent & distributed systems
+** because loosely coupled Actors are deployable to threads, processes, nodes
+* complexity of variant handling and reuse (e.g. for product lines)
+** by composition of existing Actors to new structures
+** since Protocols and Ports make Actors replaceable
+** by inheritance for structure, behavior and Protocols
+** by making use of model level libraries
+* complexity of debugging
+** model level debugging: state machine animation, data inspection and manipulation, message injection, generated message sequence charts
+** model checking easier for model than for code (detect errors before they occur)