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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-11-19Bug 422026 - Get rid of ColletionUtils.empty[Set|List|Map]Alexander Kurtakov1-2/+1
2013-03-12391962 Create atomic repositories by defaultI20130313-2000I20130313-0800I20130312-2000Tobias Oberlies1-3/+2
2012-11-19Bug 394434 - [mirror] Can't disable reference mirroringv20121120-021616I20121120-0800Pascal Rapicault3-1/+20
2012-11-16Allow to install from a repository without copying the artifactsepasrap1-2/+7
2012-04-27Bug 377358 - API to disable/enable mirroring of packed artifactsv20120428-0233Pascal Rapicault1-0/+4
2011-05-05Bug 344851 - [repository] Composite repo "create" ant tasks should have the a...Pascal Rapicault2-1/+16
2011-05-02copyright updateIan Bull13-12/+22
2011-04-11Add resolution mode in the slicing optionsPascal Rapicault1-0/+6
2011-01-21bug 335042 - Composite repo remove task adds instead of removesv20110121-1730Andrew Niefer1-5/+10
2010-06-23bug 317711 - Use add elements directlyAndrew Niefer1-0/+24
2010-05-20bug 313615 - p2.mirror ignoreErrors does not workv20100520Andrew Niefer1-1/+3
2010-04-23bug 310318 - don't remove IUs that had no artifacts when artifact filter is usedAndrew Niefer1-1/+1
2010-04-09bug 280147 - fix messages - OOM during mirrorAndrew Niefer3-5/+12
2010-03-26bug 272061 - context repositories for exportAndrew Niefer2-8/+19
2010-03-10299507 : Filters on IRequirement should be an expressionThomas Hallgren1-4/+4
2010-02-26bug 303933 - packed jars missing in repoAndrew Niefer2-2/+3
2010-02-25302201 : Unify the two query approaches used in p2, final step.Thomas Hallgren2-14/+8
2010-02-22Bug 303269 - [repository] The method signatures on IMetadataRepository should...DJ Houghton1-2/+2
2010-02-21302201 : Unify the two query approaches used in p2, step 3.Thomas Hallgren1-7/+5
2010-02-19303383 : We don't need both QLMatchQuery and ExpressionQuery and some things ...Thomas Hallgren1-1/+1
2010-02-19302201 : Unify the two query approaches used in p2Thomas Hallgren1-4/+4
2010-02-10bug 302283 - exclude artifacts from compareAndrew Niefer4-6/+143
2010-02-05299987 : Removal of p2 services in favor of always using an agent.Thomas Hallgren3-8/+16
2010-01-13Merging api branch back to HEADv20100113Pascal Rapicault15-102/+711
2009-10-09bug 291424 - option to remove only some descriptorsv20091010Andrew Niefer2-13/+69
2009-10-08Moving the version classPascal Rapicault1-1/+1
2009-10-06Move query related classes to p2.metadataPascal Rapicault3-7/+14
2009-09-24bug 290323 - remove IUs from repoAndrew Niefer1-14/+19
2009-09-24bug 290323 - remove IUs from repoAndrew Niefer1-0/+81
2009-09-23bug 289851 - p2.mirror grabs a large portion of the repoAndrew Niefer1-0/+4
2009-09-23bug 289345 - repo2runnable stops when some IUs are missingAndrew Niefer1-2/+13
2009-05-20*** empty log message ***John Arthorne1-6/+6
2009-04-29Bug 264110 - Input format consistency for application and tasksPascal Rapicault4-8/+25
2009-04-25Bug 273126 - p2.mirror app should have a mode to only slice platform dependen...Pascal Rapicault1-0/+5
2009-04-23Bug 265550 - Review Ant task consistencyPascal Rapicault10-73/+393
2009-04-14bug 269523 - slicer doesn't include featuresAndrew Niefer1-1/+12
2009-04-14bug 272219 - Repo2Runnable should put binaries under destinationAndrew Niefer1-2/+5
2009-04-09fix toStringAndrew Niefer1-2/+3
2009-04-07bug 270894 - mirroring categoriesAndrew Niefer2-20/+120
2009-03-19Filters were not passed to the underlying codePascal Rapicault1-0/+1
2009-03-07bug 267509 - Repo2Runnable doubly encodes stringAndrew Niefer1-2/+3
2009-03-03bug 265726 - use new p2.process.artifacts for signingAndrew Niefer1-12/+44
2009-02-22Propogate back the status and report build exceptionPascal Rapicault2-4/+32
2009-02-20bug 190041 - signing zips with jarprocessor ant taskAndrew Niefer1-0/+129
2009-02-20bug 265523 - support jar:file: urisAndrew Niefer1-2/+13
2009-02-19bug 265526 - repo2Runnable fails if no IUs specifiedAndrew Niefer1-1/+1
2009-02-17Add headers and rename messages bundlePascal Rapicault2-0/+20
2009-02-17Support for mirroring task supporting slicingPascal Rapicault6-147/+326
2009-02-09Bug 264186 - Repo transformer app should fail early if there are no IUs to pr...DJ Houghton1-6/+6
2009-02-06bug 263717 - branding p2 artifactsAndrew Niefer1-12/+39

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