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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2009-05-07Bug 274907 [planner] Planner appears to hang while computing explanationJohn Arthorne1-1/+1
2009-05-06Bug 275089 - Indicate both user readable name and IU id in explanation messageDJ Houghton3-4/+30
2009-04-29Bug 274433 SimplePlanner.createIUForMetaRequirements can create illegal versionsSimon Kaegi1-1/+1
2009-04-29Bug 274071 Request for friend status for some PDE packagesJohn Arthorne1-2/+3
2009-04-25Bug 273126 - p2.mirror app should have a mode to only slice platform dependen...Pascal Rapicault1-3/+12
2009-04-24remove unecessary todoPascal Rapicault1-1/+0
2009-04-24Bug 273426 [shared] After an update install is not synching with shared profileSimon Kaegi1-10/+19
2009-04-21Remove unecessary import / requirePascal Rapicault1-4/+0
2009-04-21Bug 266598 [planner] Make new explanation support react to cancellationJohn Arthorne1-3/+8
2009-04-20Bug 272959 Validate profile after expanding partial IUsSimon Kaegi1-1/+2
2009-04-20Removing more deadcode and NLS stringsPascal Rapicault8-142/+11
2009-04-20Bug 262503 - [planner] Replace ResolutionHelper with SAT4J based solutionPascal Rapicault11-1599/+102
2009-04-18Remove code allowing to switch back to the old explanation supportPascal Rapicault1-11/+1
2009-04-18Bug 262503 - [planner] Replace ResolutionHelper with SAT4J based solutionafter_bug262503Pascal Rapicault3-60/+272
2009-04-16[planner] The installer plan removes unexpected IUsbefore_bug262503Pascal Rapicault2-15/+36
2009-04-15Bug 270683 [director] Improve explanation for patchesDaniel LeBerre4-14/+39
2009-04-15Bug 271949 [planner] Patch encoding always needs repos even for things that ...Daniel LeBerre1-1/+5
2009-04-14bug 269523 - slicer doesn't include featuresAndrew Niefer1-1/+1
2009-04-14 - removed unused NLS mes...Henrik Lindberg1-3/+1
2009-04-12Bug 271954 Problems when running dropins testsSimon Kaegi1-1/+1
2009-04-09we need to use the incoming phasesetSimon Kaegi1-1/+1
2009-04-09Remove unecessary checkPascal Rapicault1-2/+2
2009-04-08Use PlanExecutionHelperPascal Rapicault2-11/+18
2009-04-08New Helper classPascal Rapicault1-1/+2
2009-04-08Translate messagePascal Rapicault3-1/+5
2009-04-08Add helper class to execute a plan with the installer planPascal Rapicault1-0/+28
2009-04-08Support for p2 style install handlerPascal Rapicault8-48/+308
2009-04-07Bug 271342 Support for "meta" required capabilitiesSimon Kaegi1-0/+4
2009-04-02Fixed bug270656.Daniel LeBerre1-8/+8
2009-04-02HEAD - Enable api toolingPascal Rapicault1-0/+6
2009-03-29Bug 216278 - [prov] ECFTransport and ECFMetadataTransport should be mergedPascal Rapicault2-2/+2
2009-03-12Bug 231372 Move IUProfilePropertyQuery to engineSimon Kaegi1-38/+0
2009-03-09Bug 266760 Render explanation as a status treev20090309-1800John Arthorne3-5/+21
2009-03-07Bug 267518 - Update the optimization function to take into account the patchesv20090308-0011Pascal Rapicault1-15/+18
2009-03-07Bug 267518 - [planner] p2 should favor optional pieces installed by the userDJ Houghton1-4/+10
2009-03-06Bug 260962 - [revert] Revert seems to connect to remote repositoriesSusan Franklin3-8/+6
2009-03-04Bug 254300 BrandingJohn Arthorne1-1/+1
2009-03-02Bug 266760 Render explanation as a status treeJohn Arthorne4-59/+96
2009-03-02More message cleanupJohn Arthorne3-11/+9
2009-03-02Improved explanation messages and progressJohn Arthorne6-25/+139
2009-03-02Cancel job on user cancelJohn Arthorne1-0/+4
2009-03-02Updated copyrightJohn Arthorne1-1/+1
2009-03-02Bug 266598 [planner] Make new explanation support react to cancellationJohn Arthorne3-23/+59
2009-03-01enable new explanationPascal Rapicault1-1/+3
2009-02-28Fixed javadoc errorJohn Arthorne1-5/+1
2009-02-28fix npePascal Rapicault1-2/+2
2009-02-28Disable the new support for explanationPascal Rapicault1-2/+2
2009-02-28Support to disable the explanationPascal Rapicault1-0/+4
2009-02-28Add option to use the old resolverPascal Rapicault1-5/+11
2009-02-28Remove dependency on Arrays.toStringPascal Rapicault1-9/+17

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