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6 daysUse jdk 5 for-each loopCarsten Hammer3-33/+32
Replace simple uses of Iterator with a corresponding for-loop. Also add missing braces on loops as necessary. Change-Id: I17efcb7827adbf5a4f2424d3bb51a5cb0e56a66a Signed-off-by: Carsten Hammer <>
2019-10-02Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer where possible.Carsten Hammer1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie756b6925b7dfc3471659764990c85d0e17eb1df Signed-off-by: Carsten Hammer <>
2019-07-01Convert to the generic IProvisioningAgent.getService()Alexander Kurtakov3-34/+30
Change-Id: If595ceb183461e5a9565d58ccd6a432291f2281b Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2018-11-02Use varargs reflection methods.I20181102-2120I20181102-1800Alexander Kurtakov1-2/+2
Updated p2.director formatter settings to use the default Eclipse profile instead of the not-existing "core" one to prevent extra long lines. Change-Id: I4536824d8032f283e110e4aa7758feb7f110b0fc Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2018-10-31Change p2.director formatter profile to Eclipse default one.Alexander Kurtakov1-243/+330
And format SimplePlanner with it. Change-Id: Ia3767595cb4e90a6666af40cade6a7e6b34fcc92 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2018-10-02[javadoc] Corrected link & version bump for 4.10Karsten Thoms1-1/+1
Missing arg raised validation error Change-Id: Ifb82822a6122e5927b9e8162e2296d4a04872a3e Signed-off-by: Karsten Thoms <>
2018-08-22Bug 535802 - Update p2 EPL-2.0 for its plug-ins - Part 1Lars Vogel20-60/+120
Change-Id: I5d8231e4070987a258d03a475ea69046263ea6b3 Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2018-08-22Adds linebreak before the EPL 1.0 licenceLars Vogel7-7/+14
Change-Id: Ic1638772d5f58d4567a83b519ecd885b80f5602b Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2018-08-22Fixes incorrectly formated EPL 1.0 license headerI20180822-0800Lars Vogel5-5/+10
Change-Id: I6337f0a9e32e7eb71ba6e368137e180a456bb8da Signed-off-by: Lars Vogel <>
2018-08-01For-each conversion in director.Y20180808-2200I20180811-1500I20180810-2000I20180810-0320I20180809-2000I20180808-2000I20180807-2000I20180807-1425I20180807-0350I20180806-2000I20180806-0300I20180805-2000I20180804-1500Alexander Kurtakov3-60/+29
Change-Id: I952f3752adde2b6be0883393812d3add19d98cc4 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2018-08-01For-each conversion in ProfileChangeRequest.Alexander Kurtakov1-4/+4
Change-Id: I20bb4044d92a3a28b73906f381fd1764f034fbe6 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2018-06-05Bug 534536 - The planner always reports detailed statusI20180606-1020Todor Boev4-100/+233
- SimplePlanner builds a MultiStatus for successful operations just like it does for failed ones - The DirectorApplication logs the status of successful planner invocations Change-Id: I0886dcf377172f99cf2d26df0f2b3dedfe9a7280 Signed-off-by: Todor Boev <>
2018-03-02Bug 531917 - Remove redundant type parametersAlexander Kurtakov3-12/+13
With Java 8 and properly generified some apis it's not needed to specify the types anymore. Change-Id: Ib758c6f50b1b1fd3f56bd52eb7e664b89b6cc776 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2018-02-01Bug 530470 - Restored complex version range match expressionsI20180206-2000I20180206-0315I20180205-2000I20180204-2000I20180203-1500I20180202-2000I20180202-0315I20180201-2325I20180201-2000Todor Boev1-1/+1
- Removed the use of the match (~=) operator against a VersionRange object and the use of a single pre-built expression. - Restored the use of comparison operators against Version objects and the use of multiple pre-built expressions for all version range possibilities. - This is a partial revert of Bug 528494 Change-Id: I353ca42c25111ca2f1ed8d7be5166e872b2e57bd Signed-off-by: Todor Boev <>
2017-10-03Bug 525501 - Move director to Java 8Alexander Kurtakov17-151/+196
* Bump BREE * Bump minor version * Enable warnings for newer Java versions * Add missing override annotations. * Remove redundant type arguments. * Lambda conversion. Change-Id: I4e20b1320bb36215b0e0e2f14ed2c87598293f67 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2015-09-07Bug 476724 - Remove new Boolean and Boolean.valueOf().booleanValue()I20150929-0800I20150922-0800I20150916-2000I20150916-0800I20150915-2000I20150915-0800I20150914-2000I20150914-1545I20150914-1130I20150914-0800I20150913-2000I20150908-0800Alex Blewitt1-2/+2
The new Boolean constructor creates a new instance of a Boolean object, but it can easily be replaced with Boolean.valueOf which returns the reference to the global Boolean.TRUE or Boolean.FALSE. Replace calls to new Boolean() with Boolean.valueOf() for identical semantics except without object collection. Additionally Boolean.valueOf().booleanValue() is identical to Boolean.parseBoolean() and will result in no garbage. In addition, methods will be (slightly) smaller and parseBoolean will often be in-lined by the JIT, which can often prove that the value is non-null for faster checking. Replace Boolean.valueOf().booleanValue() chains with Boolean.parseBoolean(). Some other tests can use Wrapper.valueOf() to take advantage of the built-in caches that these objects maintain (for values in the range -128..127). Signed-off-by: Alex Blewitt <> Change-Id: I5da4216a26ffbb6b8fd3365515ee800dd82b36ae
2014-02-24Bug 428684 - [remediation] Plug-ins directly installed can break resulting ↵I20140225-0800Pascal Rapicault1-4/+6
install Change-Id: Ibb4a918d708c1d7044a970dedf58ff9b75bb7f6c Signed-off-by: Pascal Rapicault <>
2013-11-19Bug 422026 - Get rid of ColletionUtils.empty[Set|List|Map]Alexander Kurtakov3-12/+9
Now that p2 has Java 1.5 as a minimum there is no reason to not use the JVM methods. Change-Id: I89444e8d1e174c316e2b17fb4f53bc7b1d097c0a Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2013-09-03Bug 381673 - 16 compile warnings in official build Ian Bull1-1/+1
Explicitly cast an array to Object[] for VarArgs invocation.
2013-09-03Bug 381673 - 16 compile warnings in official build Ian Bull1-1/+0
Removed an unused variable.
2013-05-09Bug 407613 - [remediation] Reduce resolver timeoutPascal Rapicault (JBoss)1-1/+5
2013-05-08bug 395188 - Consume new SAT4JPascal Rapicault2-7/+4
2013-04-27Remove unnecessary codePascal Rapicault1-3/+0
2013-04-27do nothing when size is 0Pascal Rapicault1-0/+3
2013-04-27Check that the requirement has 3 segment before obtaining the namePascal Rapicault (JBoss)1-1/+4
2013-04-26Cleanup codePascal Rapicault1-46/+16
2013-04-26Guarantee that we are picking the highest version availablePascal Rapicault (Ericsson)1-12/+41
2013-04-03Bug 404279 - dropins and links folders broken in N-buildsPascal Rapicault1-2/+4
2013-03-23Add remediation pagePascal Rapicault (JBoss)4-88/+281
When an operation can't succeed, the error page is replaced by a dialog letting the user pick a better solution. This is enabled in all major workflows. At the projector level, it features a new encoding for optionality and a new way of defining optimization functions.
2013-02-18Extract optimization function to a new classv20130219-041126I20130220-0922I20130219-0800Pascal Rapicault2-111/+159
2013-01-20Revert "changes to the director"v20130120-161323Pascal Rapicault2-0/+91
This reverts commit 54a9cd05bd5edca233d7e589e3abf74752c643e5.
2013-01-19changes to the directorPascal Rapicault2-91/+0
2012-03-01Bug 372529 - Consider increasing SAT4J default timeoutv20120301-2203John Arthorne1-2/+12
2012-02-22Bug 372289 - Enable activating projector encoding debugging in .optionsv20120222-2119John Arthorne1-2/+2
2011-11-10Minor code changes in projector.v20111110-1844dj1-7/+3
2011-11-07Added comments and debugging.v20111107-2142dj1-6/+8
2011-11-07Added comments.dj1-1/+3
2011-09-18Add API to get the future state from a provisioning planv20110918-1950Pascal Rapicault1-0/+1
2011-09-05Actual RequestStatus incorrectly set when adding and removing the samePascal Rapicault1-2/+5
2011-06-28Bug 350380 - Java package can't install because of dependency on m2ePascal Rapicault1-2/+7
2011-05-02copyright updateIan Bull9-9/+9
2011-05-02Bug 323340 - [planner] Resolution is not stablePascal Rapicault1-8/+4
2011-02-11Bug 336967 - Provide ability to adjust default projector timeout valueDJ Houghton1-7/+23
2010-12-16Bug 332655 - Setting IU properties for missing IUs in a profile dirties the ↵Pascal Rapicault1-2/+4
profile but does not persist the propert
2010-11-11Fix for bug 329279.Daniel LeBerre1-1/+1
2010-09-23Bug 309539 - [planner] Make ProfileChangeRequest internalDJ Houghton3-9/+288
2010-08-29Release code to address stability issuePascal Rapicault1-1/+6
2010-08-22Bug 323319 - [planner] Non greedy handling in the slicer brings in complete ↵Pascal Rapicault1-1/+17
2010-05-20Bug 300572 - [planner] no solution when second feature patch installed by ↵Pascal Rapicault1-11/+16
2010-05-19Bug 313595 - [planner] Encoding could miss singletonsPascal Rapicault1-2/+2

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