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+ <title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
+Provides provisioning user interface classes that can be used for assembling
+a provisioning UI.
+Package Specification</h2>
+This package consists of several kinds of classes:
+<li><b>ProvisioningUI</b> is the hub of the UI. It is used to access the underlying
+provisioning session and its services, as well as all services registered by the UI.
+It also provides utility methods that allow clients to create provisioning operations
+or launch provisioning wizards.
+<li><b>Policy</b> defines those aspects of the provisioning UI that can be configured
+by clients.
+<li><b>LicenseManager</b> describes a service which accepts or rejects
+licenses and remembers the accepted licenses. Clients should register
+an implementation of LicenseManager in order to remember the
+<li>Various <b>pages</b> define reusable pages that can be hosted inside wizards
+and dialogs. In general, the pages are meant to be contributed by extension point.
+In some cases, direct instantiation of the pages is permitted. See the individual page
+javadoc for usage.
+@since 2.0

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