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+ <title>Package-level Javadoc</title>
+Describes high level provisioning operations that can be resolved and performed
+either modally or in the background.
+Package Specification</h2>
+This package consists of several kinds of operations and supporting classes:
+<li><b>Profile Change Operations</b> describe high level provisioning operations that
+modify a profile. These operations generally are performed in two phases, the resolution
+of the operation, followed by the provisioning of the resolved operation. Both the
+resolution and the provisioning tasks can be performed either synchronously or as jobs.
+<li><b>Provisioning Jobs</b> describe lower level provisioning tasks that can
+be performed synchronously or in the background.
+<li><b>ProvisioningSession</b> represents a particular instance of a p2 provisioning
+system. It provides access to all of the p2 core services as well as utility methods
+for commonly performed provisioning tasks.
+@since 2.0

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