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2017-08-07Bug 520281 - NPE possible if null values are used to match against aI20170807-2000Thomas Watson5-27/+133
2017-08-07Bug 520630 - Fix warnings catched by CDTAlexander Kurtakov1-2/+2
2017-07-27Remove useless casts in o.e.osgi.tests.S4_8_0_M1I20170806-2000I20170805-1500I20170804-2000I20170802-2000I20170802-0800I20170801-2000I20170801-0800I20170731-2000I20170731-0800I20170730-2000I20170729-2000I20170728-2000I20170727-2000Alexander Kurtakov1-10/+10
2017-07-27Bug 520227 - Remove 2.0 plug-in support plug-in and feature from OSGIAlexander Kurtakov2-45/+0
2017-07-27Bug 520227 - Remove 2.0 plug-in support plug-in and feature fromI20170727-0610Lars Vogel24-2147/+2
2017-07-27Bug 520220 - Remove tests for old 2.0 plug-in supportAlexander Kurtakov2-2/+2
2017-07-26Bug 520220 - Remove tests for old 2.0 plug-in supportI20170726-2000Lars Vogel18-514/+0
2017-07-21Binaries v20170721-0502I20170725-2000I20170724-2000I20170723-2000I20170722-2000I20170722-0045I20170721-2000Arun Thondapu15-15/+15
2017-07-21Binaries v20170721-0458Arun Thondapu17-17/+17
2017-07-13Bug 518757 - native library loading not working on HP UXI20170720-2000I20170719-2000I20170719-0600I20170719-0040I20170718-2000I20170718-0355I20170717-2000I20170717-0350I20170716-2000I20170716-0130I20170715-2000I20170714-2000I20170713-2000Thomas Watson1-1/+1
2017-07-05Bug 519225 - Use StandardCharsetsI20170713-0615I20170712-2000I20170711-2000I20170710-2000I20170709-2000I20170708-2000I20170707-2000I20170707-0530I20170706-2000I20170706-0630I20170705-2000Alexander Kurtakov5-33/+14
2017-06-27Bug 518812 - Remove mozilla workarounds from launcherAlexander Kurtakov7-345/+3
2017-06-26Bug 518740 - The Equinox Framework does not start on ARM using OracleI20170704-2000I20170703-2000I20170702-2000I20170701-2000I20170630-2000I20170630-0410I20170629-2000I20170629-0425I20170629-0210I20170628-2000I20170628-0310I20170627-2000I20170626-2000Thomas Watson2-17/+40
2017-06-22Bug 518642 - Remove dead launcher fragments I20170625-2000I20170624-2000I20170623-2000I20170623-0110I20170622-2000Alexander Kurtakov34-970/+0
2017-06-22Bug 517929 - Update POMs in the master for 4.8 release I20170622-0950Alexander Kurtakov32-33/+33
2017-06-21Bug 518476 - Add test for INFO typeI20170621-2000Thomas Watson3-6/+10
2017-06-20Bug 518476 - [log] FrameworkEvent of type WARN should be logged as typeAnjum Fatima2-1/+42
2017-06-20Bug 518515 - Update OSGi APIs for R7I20170621-0600I20170620-2000Thomas Watson20-332/+820
2017-06-19Bug 518433 - Tons of exceptions on Exit:I20170619-2000Thomas Watson1-11/+7
2017-06-19Update OSGi API to the latestThomas Watson21-36/+46
2017-06-19Bug 518432 - Compile warning in official build Thomas Watson1-2/+2
2017-06-16Add api_filters for issues flagged in OSGi APIY20170617-1235I20170618-2355I20170618-2000I20170617-2000I20170616-2000Thomas Watson3-2/+224
2017-06-16Bug 516761 - Clean up log stream projectThomas Watson45-146/+858
2017-06-16Bug 517152 - [osgi R7] Implement the default default log level launchAnjum Fatima5-19/+34
2017-06-16Revert "Bug 515869 - [osgi R7] Clarification on what a null value meansAnjum Fatima1-55/+19
2017-06-16Update OSGi Log Service API to the latest for R7Thomas Watson3-27/+65
2017-06-16Bug 516761 - [osgi R7] Implement new LogStreamProvider serviceAnjum Fatima5-63/+388
2017-06-16Add pushstream API and fix import rangesThomas Watson21-5/+4252
2017-06-16Update promise and function API to 1.1Thomas Watson17-300/+786
2017-06-16Work in progress for log stream implThomas Watson11-0/+377
2017-06-16Bug 515869 - [osgi R7] Clarification on what a null value means forAnjum Fatima1-19/+55
2017-06-16Fix the osgi.service capabilitiesThomas Watson1-20/+20
2017-06-16Add config admin support to LoggerAdminThomas Watson4-13/+298
2017-06-16resolver: add ResolveContext getSubstitutionWires methodThomas Watson7-104/+97
2017-06-16dto: Update org.osgi.dto package to 1.1BJ Hargrave3-14/+16
2017-06-16framework: Define service.changecount service propertyBJ Hargrave1-1/+18
2017-06-16service registry: Add new ServiceReference.getProperties() methodBJ Hargrave4-2/+91
2017-06-16Add uses directive to org.osgi.service.log.admin packageThomas Watson1-1/+1
2017-06-16Update framework API to the latest for R7.Thomas Watson55-124/+140
2017-06-16Clean up after move to Java 7 in OSGi R7 implementationThomas Watson7-14/+15
2017-06-16Bug 492825 - [osgi R7] Resolver specification updates for version 1.1Thomas Watson10-70/+158
2017-06-16Bug 492825 - [osgi R7] Resolver specification updates for version 1.1Thomas Watson10-98/+169
2017-06-16Add org.osgi.service.log.LoggerFactory to osgi.service capabilityThomas Watson1-1/+1
2017-06-16Bug 492043 - [osgi R7] Implement FrameworkEvent STOPPED_SYSTEM_REFRESHED eventThomas Watson35-84/+159
2017-06-16Bug 486950 - [osgi R7] log service is being updatedThomas Watson2-0/+35
2017-06-16Bug 486950 - [osgi R7] log service is being updatedThomas Watson7-34/+53
2017-06-16Bug 486950 - [osgi R7] log service is being updatedThomas Watson30-117/+988
2017-06-16Bug 487688 - [osgi R7] Implement FrameworkWiringDTOThomas Watson7-13/+104
2017-06-16[bug 486950] [osgi R7] log service is being updatedThomas Watson18-165/+1139
2017-06-16Bug 486941 - [osgi R7] Framework extensions may require capabilitiesThomas Watson3-7/+7

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