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Diffstat (limited to 'bundles/org.eclipse.equinox.executable/library/win32/make_win64_ia64.mak')
1 files changed, 139 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/bundles/org.eclipse.equinox.executable/library/win32/make_win64_ia64.mak b/bundles/org.eclipse.equinox.executable/library/win32/make_win64_ia64.mak
new file mode 100644
index 000000000..ee3ff7370
--- /dev/null
+++ b/bundles/org.eclipse.equinox.executable/library/win32/make_win64_ia64.mak
@@ -0,0 +1,139 @@
+# Copyright (c) 2000, 2006 IBM Corporation and others.
+# All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
+# are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
+# which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
+# Contributors:
+# IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
+# Kevin Cornell (Rational Software Corporation)
+# Makefile for creating the eclipse launcher program.
+# This makefile expects the following environment variables set:
+# PROGRAM_OUTPUT - the filename of the output executable
+# PROGRAM_LIBRARY - the filename of the output dll library
+# DEFAULT_OS - the default value of the "-os" switch
+# DEFAULT_OS_ARCH - the default value of the "-arch" switch
+# DEFAULT_WS - the default value of the "-ws" switch
+# JAVA_HOME - the location of the Java for JNI includes
+!include <ntwin32.mak>
+!include <..\make_version.mak>
+# Define the object modules to be compiled and flags.
+MAIN_OBJS = eclipseMain.obj aeclipseMain.obj
+COMMON_OBJS = eclipseConfig.obj eclipseCommon.obj eclipseWinCommon.obj\
+ aeclipseConfig.obj aeclipseCommon.obj aeclipseWinCommon.obj
+DLL_OBJS = eclipse.obj eclipseWin.obj eclipseUtil.obj eclipseJNI.obj eclipseShm.obj\
+ aeclipse.obj aeclipseWin.obj aeclipseUtil.obj aeclipseJNI.obj aeclipseShm.obj
+# using dynamic lib
+#LIBS = kernel32.lib user32.lib comctl32.lib msvcrt.lib
+#DLL_LIBS = kernel32.lib user32.lib comctl32.lib gdi32.lib Advapi32.lib msvcrt.lib version.lib
+LIBS = kernel32.lib user32.lib comctl32.lib libcmt.lib bufferoverflowU.lib
+DLL_LIBS = kernel32.lib user32.lib comctl32.lib gdi32.lib Advapi32.lib libcmt.lib version.lib bufferoverflowU.lib
+# LIBS = kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib comctl32.lib bufferoverflowu.lib
+# LFLAGS = /INCREMENTAL:NO /NOLOGO -subsystem:windows -entry:wmainCRTStartup -machine:IA64
+# was: windows
+LFLAGS = /NODEFAULTLIB /INCREMENTAL:NO /RELEASE /NOLOGO -subsystem:windows -entry:wmainCRTStartup -machine:IA64
+CONSOLEFLAGS = /NODEFAULTLIB /INCREMENTAL:NO /RELEASE /NOLOGO -subsystem:console -entry:wmainCRTStartup -machine:IA64
+RES = eclipse.res
+EXEC = eclipse.exe
+CONSOLE = eclipsec.exe
+DEBUG = #$(cdebug)
+acflags = -I.. -DDEFAULT_OS="\"$(DEFAULT_OS)\"" \
+ -I$(JAVA_HOME)\include -I$(JAVA_HOME)\include\win32 \
+wcflags = -DUNICODE $(acflags)
+all: $(EXEC) $(DLL) $(CONSOLE)
+eclipseMain.obj: ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseCommon.h ../eclipseMain.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj ../eclipseMain.c
+eclipseCommon.obj: ../eclipseCommon.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseCommon.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj ../eclipseCommon.c
+eclipse.obj: ../eclipseOS.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipse.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj ../eclipse.c
+eclipseUtil.obj: ../eclipseUtil.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseUtil.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj ../eclipseUtil.c
+eclipseConfig.obj: ../eclipseConfig.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseConfig.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj ../eclipseConfig.c
+eclipseWin.obj: ../eclipseOS.h ../eclipseUnicode.h eclipseWin.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj eclipseWin.c
+eclipseWinCommon.obj: ../eclipseCommon.h eclipseWinCommon.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj eclipseWinCommon.c
+eclipseJNI.obj: ../eclipseCommon.h ../eclipseOS.h ../eclipseJNI.c
+ $(CC) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj ../eclipseJNI.c
+eclipseShm.obj: ../eclipseShm.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseShm.c
+ $(CC) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) /Fo$*.obj ../eclipseShm.c
+aeclipseShm.obj: ../eclipseShm.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseShm.c
+ $(CC) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseShm.obj ../eclipseShm.c
+aeclipseJNI.obj: ../eclipseCommon.h ../eclipseOS.h ../eclipseJNI.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseJNI.obj ../eclipseJNI.c
+aeclipseMain.obj: ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseCommon.h ../eclipseMain.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseMain.obj ../eclipseMain.c
+aeclipseCommon.obj: ../eclipseCommon.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseCommon.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseCommon.obj ../eclipseCommon.c
+aeclipse.obj: ../eclipseOS.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipse.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /Foaeclipse.obj ../eclipse.c
+aeclipseUtil.obj: ../eclipseUtil.h ../eclipseUnicode.h ../eclipseUtil.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseUtil.obj ../eclipseUtil.c
+aeclipseConfig.obj: ../eclipseConfig.h ../eclipseConfig.h ../eclipseConfig.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseConfig.obj ../eclipseConfig.c
+aeclipseWin.obj: ../eclipseOS.h ../eclipseUnicode.h eclipseWin.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseWin.obj eclipseWin.c
+aeclipseWinCommon.obj: ../eclipseCommon.h eclipseWinCommon.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) /FoaeclipseWinCommon.obj eclipseWinCommon.c
+#the console version needs a flag set, should look for a better way to do this
+ del -f eclipseConfig.obj aeclipseConfig.obj
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(wcflags) $(cvars) -D_WIN32_CONSOLE /FoeclipseConfig.obj ../eclipseConfig.c
+ $(cc) $(DEBUG) $(acflags) $(cvars) -D_WIN32_CONSOLE /FoaeclipseConfig.obj ../eclipseConfig.c
+$(RES): eclipse.rc
+ $(rc) -v -r -fo $(RES) eclipse.rc
+install: all
+ copy $(EXEC) $(OUTPUT_DIR)

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