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 * Copyright (c) 2006, 2009 IBM Corporation and others.
 * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
 * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
 * which accompanies this distribution, and is available at 
 * Contributors:
 *     IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
 *     Andrew Niefer

#include "eclipseUnicode.h"

/* Variables and Methods that will be needed by both the executable and the library */

#define MAX_PATH_LENGTH   2000

#ifdef UNICODE
#define run runW
#define setInitialArgs setInitialArgsW
#define RUN_METHOD		 _T_ECLIPSE("runW")
#define SET_INITIAL_ARGS _T_ECLIPSE("setInitialArgsW")
#define RUN_METHOD 		 _T_ECLIPSE("run")
#define SET_INITIAL_ARGS _T_ECLIPSE("setInitialArgs")

#define DEFAULT_EQUINOX_STARTUP _T_ECLIPSE("org.eclipse.equinox.launcher")

#ifdef _WIN32
#define IS_ABSOLUTE(path) (path[0] == _T_ECLIPSE('/') || path[0] == _T_ECLIPSE('\\') || (path[0] != 0 && path[1] == _T_ECLIPSE(':')))
#define IS_DIR_SEPARATOR(c) (c == _T_ECLIPSE('/') || c == _T_ECLIPSE('\\'))
#define IS_ABSOLUTE(path) (path[0] == dirSeparator)
#define IS_DIR_SEPARATOR(c) (c == dirSeparator)

extern _TCHAR*  osArg;
extern _TCHAR*  osArchArg;
extern _TCHAR*  wsArg;

extern _TCHAR   dirSeparator;         /* '/' or '\\' */
extern _TCHAR   pathSeparator;        /* separator used in PATH variable */
extern _TCHAR* eclipseLibrary;		/* path the the eclipse_<ver>.so shared library */

extern char *toNarrow(const _TCHAR* src);

 * Find the absolute pathname to where a command resides.
 * The string returned by the function must be freed.
 * Symlinks are resolved
extern _TCHAR* findCommand( _TCHAR* command );

 * Same as findCommand but optionally resolve symlinks
extern _TCHAR* findSymlinkCommand( _TCHAR* command, int resolve );

extern _TCHAR* findFile( _TCHAR* path, _TCHAR* prefix);

extern _TCHAR* getProgramDir();

extern _TCHAR* getOfficialName();

extern void setOfficialName(_TCHAR * name);

extern _TCHAR* getProgramPath();

extern void setProgramPath(_TCHAR* name);

extern _TCHAR* resolveSymlinks( _TCHAR* path );

/** Display a Message
 * This method is called to display an error message to the user before exiting.
 * The method should not return until the user has acknowledged
 * the message. This method may be called before the window
 * system has been initialized. The program should exit after calling this method.
extern void displayMessage( _TCHAR* title, _TCHAR* message );

/* Load the specified shared library
extern void * loadLibrary( _TCHAR * library );

/* Unload the shared library
extern void unloadLibrary( void * handle );
/* Find the given symbol in the shared library
extern void * findSymbol( void * handle, _TCHAR * symbol );

/* check the given path and attempt to make it absolute if it is relative */
extern _TCHAR* checkPath( _TCHAR* path, _TCHAR* programDir, int reverseOrder );

extern _TCHAR * lastDirSeparator(_TCHAR* str);

extern _TCHAR * firstDirSeparator(_TCHAR* str);

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