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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-06-27[487151] Accept all non-conflicting changes fails to merge some diffsMartin Fleck6-0/+52
2017-01-24[510704] Add equivalent diffs in same conflictLaurent Delaigue1-0/+94
2016-09-12[442897] Fix markers issue in SMVMathieu Cartaud1-13/+21
2016-07-12Do not consider a container deletion to conflict with unsets under itLaurent Goubet2-57/+52
2016-06-15Switch to Eclipse mars.2Mathieu Cartaud1-268/+269
2016-05-09[493255] Fix scalable conflict detectorLaurent Delaigue7-64/+159
2016-02-03[487011] Fix wrong conflict detectionMathieu Cartaud11-1/+229
2016-01-05[484557] ResourceAttachment vs Attribute conflictsLaurent Delaigue14-0/+423
2015-12-04[479449] Raise conflict for addition to single-valued containment refPhilip Langer5-2/+113
2015-03-09[457652] Give xmi:ids higher priority than attribute idsStefan Dirix1-32/+32
2014-12-04[442897] Pseudo conflicts under Real Add conflictsAxel Richard15-0/+388
2014-10-27[446947] Adds support for three-way merging multi-line String attributesPhilip Langer1-0/+288
2014-08-13Do not use assertSame for int comparisonMikaël Barbero1-149/+150
2014-03-13normalize EOLs in the core (first pass)Laurent Goubet2-2780/+2780
2014-01-30Cleanup for version bumpingLaurent Goubet1-5/+5
2013-10-18[406402] - Fix conflicts are created after merging and savingAxel Richard5-2/+54
2013-06-19Deprecate use of EMFCompare#createDefaultScope(...)Laurent Goubet1-48/+49
2012-10-04API embellishmentMikaël Barbero1-49/+48
2012-09-26Renaming AbstractInputData#loadFromClassLoader (typo).lgoubet1-144/+144
2012-09-09Conflict detection failure : we failed to see that a conflict was inlgoubet1-3/+3
2012-09-06Updating the API to launch comparison to a new paradigmlgoubet1-48/+97
2012-07-19change the MatchItemProvider that give containment change diff as childMikaël Barbero5-0/+67
2012-05-21Adding the missing conflict unit tests.lgoubet30-6/+913
2012-05-16Fixing conflict detection for the remaining use cases.lgoubet13-2/+778
2012-05-11Improving a little more the conflict detection.lgoubet4-2/+488
2012-05-11Fixing detection of some yet undetected diffs.lgoubet1-0/+97
2012-05-10Conflict detection for all single-valued features is now functional and tested.lgoubet3-15/+466
2012-05-10We now detect changes for "identical deletions" on each side.lgoubet2-0/+253
2012-05-03Commiting all of the models corresponding to the conflict use cases.lgoubet111-45/+899
2012-05-03Contributing test metamodel wit the necessary "specific" features (multiple c...lgoubet1-43/+44
2012-04-24Drafting the API of the conflict detection processlgoubet2-0/+59

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