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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-01-26Try and use all export actions corresponding to at least one of the file1.2lgoubet1-5/+49
2012-01-26Code stylelgoubet45-331/+514
2012-01-26Potential NPElgoubet1-6/+24
2012-01-17Problem with the build trying to find papyrus when it should notlgoubet1-2/+1
2012-01-17Potential NPElgoubet1-1/+3
2012-01-17Switching qualifiers to version 1.2.2lgoubet41-41/+41
2011-09-26[357942] CDO does not use "basicEList" but its own implementation oflgoubet1-4/+13
2011-09-02[356097] Potential NPE in the UIlgoubet1-29/+58
2011-08-18Changing version to 1.2.1lgoubet1-1/+1
2011-08-18Changing versions to 1.2.1lgoubet46-47/+47
2011-08-18353919: [Build] Providing a Tycho based buildCedric Brun1-3/+0
2011-08-09[316429] potentially empty right pane when comparing in-memory objects.lgoubet1-3/+21
2011-08-09[321446] potential NPElgoubet2-5/+14
2011-08-09[353320] Alter diff labels slightlylgoubet1-17/+17
2011-08-09Restoring mpatch test launchlgoubet1-0/+55
2011-08-09Make the "scope" unit tests pass : we had an NPE with scoped matching.lgoubet1-5/+6
2011-08-09Adding the necessary unit tests to make sure that scope does not breaklgoubet5-3/+278
2011-08-08Fixing the UML test suitelgoubet5-100/+99
2011-08-08Potentially merging duplicates with eOppositeslgoubet1-4/+6
2011-08-08Introduce the necessary fixes for all of the new use cases to pass.lgoubet3-64/+155
2011-08-08Enhance list of use cases with the single-valued reference use cases.lgoubet20-1/+853
2011-08-08Renaming input datalgoubet2-3/+3
2011-08-08Regenerating test metamodel in order to introduce the new conceptslgoubet4-0/+437
2011-08-08Regenerating test metamodel in order to introduce the new conceptslgoubet8-10/+399
2011-08-08Providing all the unit tests in order to also test three way comparisonlgoubet28-56/+1561
2011-08-08We could have no resourcelgoubet1-19/+23
2011-08-08Make sure that 3-way Comparisons of EObjects with no resource don'tlgoubet1-17/+36
2011-08-05353919: [Build] Providing a Tycho based buildCedric Brun8-5/+133
2011-08-04353919: [Build] Providing a Tycho based build Brun66-15/+1249
2011-08-04changing org.junit4 bundle dependencies in org.junit with 4 minimum versionCedric Brun2-2/+2
2011-08-04353414: [Performance] NameSimilarity.pairs should use Set implementation inst...Cedric Brun5-93/+157
2011-08-04removing obsolete projectsCedric Brun29-2893/+0
2011-08-04Altering "@since" values to reflect the backporting of fixeslgoubet2-8/+8
2011-08-04Revert "merging my changes with Laurents fixes on merge"lgoubet4-28/+5
2011-08-04extracting the "testLeft" and "testRight" test methods out of thelgoubet9-10/+75
2011-08-04Enhancing "test" metamodel with single and multi-valued attributeslgoubet12-0/+829
2011-08-04Enhancing list of use cases with the "attribute" changeslgoubet2-144/+183
2011-08-04Enhancing list of possible comparison use cases with multiplelgoubet86-22/+2800
2011-08-04Provide the use cases and unit tests for a number of possibilitieslgoubet45-0/+1378
2011-08-04Extract to super class in order to create more input data.lgoubet2-12/+29
2011-08-04Enhance list of the different possible comparison use caseslgoubet1-31/+63
2011-08-04Create and generate the code of a custom metamodel for the merge tests.lgoubet17-7/+2034
2011-08-04Allow for the use of the EMFCompareEObjectCopier for single valuedlgoubet3-45/+74
2011-08-04Beginning listing of merge use caseslgoubet1-0/+36
2011-08-04Prevent EMF Compare from failing in NPE when merging EObjects notlgoubet5-33/+285
2011-08-04Consider elements that are out of the scope as if they were proxies :lgoubet2-40/+59
2011-08-04Don't try and copy values that are contained by a resource which cannotlgoubet1-1/+6
2011-08-04Add check to avoid detecting differences on proxyfied referenceslgoubet1-0/+39
2011-08-04Respect ordering when merging additions/deletions of values inside algoubet3-10/+38

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