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authorPhilip Langer2015-01-07 10:19:04 -0500
committerAxel RICHARD2015-01-21 06:49:11 -0500
commitb845f84cbf9c4259c822435c2f7b240174e625d9 (patch)
tree7e8c192de2213d41bed448bfa1fe788e5eba7fa8 /plugins/
parent4914dc7994243cf26780180e9ecba9c83570ea76 (diff)
[456860] Improve handling of equivalent three-way text changes
Three-way diffing and patching is not supported by google diff match patch (dmp) and simply applying the patch computed by dmp to the opposite side, as we did before, would cause the equivalent changes to be applied twice. Therefore, we had to re-implement the detection and merging ourselves to support the handling of equivalent changes. We also adapted the test cases and the implementation of the three-way diff and merge to correspond to the behavior of the line differencing and introduced a determination of the currently used line separator in the text, which is now also used when building the merged version. Bug: 456860 Change-Id: I12be9c68eda663e0206c9f230a9faf9631be3275 Signed-off-by: Philip Langer <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/plugins/ b/plugins/
index f6a67250b..44e91e2dd 100644
--- a/plugins/
+++ b/plugins/
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ of them.</body>
<body>This is an OCL&#xD;
test with multi-line&#xD;
String attribute&#xD;
-and concurrent changes (changed)&#xD;
+(changed) and concurrent changes&#xD;
of them.</body>

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