BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.1[421609] ProximityEObjectMatcher detects match even when Distance function sa...cbrun4 years
3.0Missed one pomLaurent Goubet3 years
3.1Build with latest tycho and jarsigner versionsLaurent Goubet14 months
3.2switch neon tp to fixed update sitesLaurent Goubet15 months
3.3[506723] Fix merge dependencies for cascading diffsMathieu Cartaud17 months
axrichard/performanceAdd performance tests pluginsAxel Richard4 years
eclipse/masteradd Kepler final target platform definitionMikaël Barbero5 years
masterProxy loading from the merge toolLaurent Goubet22 hours
performanceupdate performance target platformsMikaël Barbero4 years
tmpadd initial version of setup modelMikaël Barbero4 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  lgoubet7 weeks  Laurent Goubet6 months  Laurent Goubet6 months  Laurent Goubet7 months  Laurent Goubet9 months  Laurent Goubet9 months  Laurent Delaigue10 months  Laurent Delaigue10 months  Laurent Goubet16 months  Laurent Goubet17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
22 hoursProxy loading from the merge toolHEADmasterLaurent Goubet1-0/+10
4 daysAllow proxy resolution from the EMF Compare content merge viewersLaurent Goubet3-2/+59
4 daysAllow proxy resolution from the EMF Compare structure merge viewerLaurent Goubet3-3/+59
4 daysAllow loading referenced resources after the comparison is finishedPhilip Langer1-1/+1
4 daysSMV action to reveal all differences in conflict with selectionLaurent Goubet3-3/+87
4 daysAdd actions to merge everything to "get right" or "keep left"Laurent Goubet9-41/+284
5 days[521886] Introduce action to resolve multiple conflictsPhilip Langer27-228/+908
7 days[521886] Avoid validation in EMFCompareEditingDomainPhilip Langer1-5/+49
7 daysNo changes shown when there is an added Sirius diagramLaurent Goubet1-51/+65
7 daysMemory leak from the EMFModelProvider.contextToResourceMappingCacheLaurent Goubet1-10/+21