BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R2_0_maintenance[205263]nickb7 years
R2_1_maintenance[205263]nickb7 years
R2_2_maintenance[254610] Increment feature versiondavidms5 years
R2_3_maintenance[212903] Ensure that delegateLastIndexOf is working properly.emerks6 years
R2_4_maintenance[312961] Increment feature versiondavidms4 years
R2_6_maintenance[320002] Ensure that operation test methods are uniquely named.emerks4 years
R2_7_maintenance[369789] Ensure that setting the type is undoableEd Merks2 years
R2_8_maintenance[399728] Don't assume that available == 0 means end of stream.Ed Merks14 months
R2_9_maintenance[gwt] fixed depricated APIDennis Huebner2 months
master[432807] Tolerate exceptions during ID resolution.Ed Merks5 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R2_9_2.tar.gz  R2_9_2.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner7 weeks  R2_9_1.tar.gz  R2_9_1.tar.bz2  Ed Merks8 months  R2_9_0.tar.gz  R2_9_0.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner10 months  R2_8_3.tar.gz  R2_8_3.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner13 months  R2_8_2.tar.gz  R2_8_2.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner13 months  R2_8_1.tar.gz  R2_8_1.tar.bz2  Ed Merks19 months  R2_8_0.tar.gz  R2_8_0.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner22 months  R2_7_1.tar.gz  R2_7_1.tar.bz2  emerks2 years  R2_7_0.tar.gz  R2_7_0.tar.bz2  khussey3 years  build_201103101804.tar.gz  build_201103101804.tar.bz2  khussey3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
5 days[432807] Tolerate exceptions during ID resolution.HEADmasterEd Merks Ed Merks1-16/+45
5 days[432805] Improve resource locator delegation.refs/changes/41/25041/1Ed Merks Ed Merks3-16/+947
9 days[432582] Respect non-resolving copier flagrefs/changes/41/24841/1Ed Merks Ed Merks1-1/+1
10 days[432529]Delete useless cast.refs/changes/93/24793/2Guillaume Coutable Ed Merks1-5/+5
10 daysmoved the legacy impl of Xpect to test.ecore.xcore because it has been delete...refs/changes/76/24776/1Moritz Eysholdt Moritz Eysholdt21-22/+2402
11 daysMerge "[releng] junit tests won't run in gerrit job because of juni4 launcher"Ed Merks Gerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org7-7/+7
13 days[432158] Use Ecore.getObjectByType not getObjectsByType to findEd Merks Ed Merks1-1/+1
2014-04-05[432082] Refactor Copier to make it more flexible.Ed Merks Ed Merks2-131/+183
2014-04-04[431996] Support Ecore publishing and provide fragment path utilitiesEd Merks Ed Merks11-25/+376
2014-04-02[431794] Support multiple file extensions properlyEd Merks Ed Merks10-232/+262