BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R2_10_maintenance[458026] Improve the computation of used packages for circularityEd Merks6 weeks
R2_2_maintenance[254610] Increment feature versiondavidms6 years
R2_3_maintenance[212903] Ensure that delegateLastIndexOf is working properly.emerks7 years
R2_4_maintenance[312961] Increment feature versiondavidms5 years
R2_6_maintenance[320002] Ensure that operation test methods are uniquely named.emerks4 years
R2_7_maintenance[369789] Ensure that setting the type is undoableEd Merks3 years
R2_8_maintenance[399728] Don't assume that available == 0 means end of stream.Ed Merks2 years
R2_9_maintenance[gwt] fixed depricated APIDennis Huebner13 months
master[461294] Ensure that fake interfaces have globally unique names.Ed Merks22 hours
mkoegel/R2_10_0[releng] changed URLs due to a HIPP renameDennis Huebner9 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R2_10_2.tar.gz  R2_10_2.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner2 hours  R2_10_1.tar.gz  R2_10_1.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner5 months  R2_10_0.tar.gz  R2_10_0.tar.bz2  Ed Merks8 months  R2_9_2.tar.gz  R2_9_2.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner12 months  R2_9_1.tar.gz  R2_9_1.tar.bz2  Ed Merks18 months  R2_9_0.tar.gz  R2_9_0.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner20 months  R2_8_3.tar.gz  R2_8_3.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner24 months  R2_8_2.tar.gz  R2_8_2.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner24 months  R2_8_1.tar.gz  R2_8_1.tar.bz2  Ed Merks2 years  R2_8_0.tar.gz  R2_8_0.tar.bz2  Dennis Huebner3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
22 hours[461294] Ensure that fake interfaces have globally unique names.HEADmasterEd MerksEd Merks1-1/+1
23 hours[461215] Ensure the builder only builds resources local to the project.Ed MerksEd Merks1-14/+22
7 days[xcore] Regenerated with latest xtext (ide moved back to ui)refs/changes/21/42621/1Dennis HuebnerDennis Huebner10-67/+67
10 days[460539] Adjusted UniqueClassNameValidation for Xcorerefs/changes/77/42377/1Sebastian ZarnekowSebastian Zarnekow2-0/+76
2015-02-09[mvn] Fixed warning in mavenDennis HuebnerDennis Huebner4-17/+14
2015-02-06[459287] Regenerate xcore with latest Xbaserefs/changes/52/41252/4Sebastian ZarnekowSebastian Zarnekow61-192399/+192913
2015-02-06[459287] Use unique package names in testsrefs/changes/61/41261/3Sebastian ZarnekowSebastian Zarnekow49-129/+127
2015-01-22[458012] The JavaDocs are incomplete for EMF versions > 2.8.0 Dennis HuebnerDennis Huebner2-6/+15
2015-01-22[releng] fixed eclipse repository URLsDennis HuebnerDennis Huebner3-9/+9
2015-01-22[458026] Improve the computation of used packages for circularityrefs/changes/92/40092/1Ed MerksEd Merks2-70/+89
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