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2010-06-18Fix line endingsMatthias Sohn1-3/+3
Some sources had dos line endings. Also configure all projects to use unix line endings and UTF-8 encoding. Change-Id: I119cad245f0f5ecd20ee1450877cb7e1a5d63783 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-06-16Delete invalid projects after work dir checkoutJens Baumgart4-22/+167
Operations performing a work dir checkout (e.g. branch, reset) may delete .project files. This leads to inconsistent projects causing follow-up problems (checkout conflicts). Details of the problem can be found in the related bug. This fix deletes projects that got inconsistent by the work dir checkout. In future there could also be a handling for projects added by a work dir checkout (e.g. asking the user to open these projects). A test case for BranchOperation was added. Also TagOperation doesn't need to refresh projects since it doesn't modify any resources hence this call to refreshProjects was removed. Bug: 316104 Change-Id: I0a0de37c2e7866a4090366752b8cfbe69fb285c0 Signed-off-by: Jens Baumgart <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-06-14Start 0.9 developmentShawn O. Pearce2-10/+10
Change-Id: Ic3885ffb4ee460415fe5eb956616a3ac7a1f3fcb Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2010-06-02Qualify post 0.8.1 buildsShawn O. Pearce2-10/+10
Change-Id: Ia99ef4fc864396a3369e0e99a6d3d0c62c00bbaf Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2010-06-02EGit 0.8.1v0.8.1Shawn O. Pearce2-10/+10
Change-Id: I3901b45d428dbf09427cb6c4abb1ad848474905e Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2010-05-11Use jgit p2 repository to resolve jgit dependenciesMatthias Sohn1-13/+0
EGit Tycho builds on frequently hit corrupted artifacts which leads to broken builds. Cleaning up these corrupted files is tedious since it requires file system access on the build server. Hence we want to switch to use job-local m2 repositories. This requires that build artifacts are shared between the jgit and egit build jobs via p2. Therefore we switch from pom-first to p2 build dependencies between the egit and the jgit build. For local builds the egit build assumes that jgit and egit are located under a common parent folder. If this is not the case the URL of the jgit update site has to be injected via system property "jgit-site". - non-default local build: $ mvn clean install -Djgit-site=file:/path/to/org.eclipse.jgit.updatesite/target/site - hudson build on $ mvn clean install -Djgit-site= lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/org.eclipse.jgit.packaging/ org.eclipse.jgit.updatesite/target/site/ Change-Id: I43ee21f23d474a6579df187869c821fc3960583f Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-05-04EGit operation / action refactoringJens Baumgart3-5/+5
Replace IWorkspaceRunnable in EGit operations (e.g. BranchOperation) by a new interface IEGitOperation. IWorkspaceRunnable is no good interface for an operation. The user thinks he has to execute the operation using But that is not right for all EGit operations. Currently many operations are used by just calling Thus a new interface with an execute method was introduced. Those operations that need a workspace runnable and a scheduling rule do the workspace runnable in their execute method (e.g. branch). It's an internal of an operation how it needs to execute. BranchOperation now uses a workspace runnable to lock the workspace while the working tree is modified. BranchAction executes BranchOperation in a Job. The other actions will be adopted to this execution pattern in further commits. Change-Id: Ia3c1bf157d17632a17b7c678ee45717fb7944f0c Signed-off-by: Jens Baumgart <>
2010-05-04Remove usage of unpublished API's in org.eclipse.egit.coreRobin Rosenberg2-0/+150
This also flags further such use in this bundle as errors and upgrades other compiler settings to Eclipse 3.5.2 defaults. A testcase is introduced to cover error handling pattern, but it is incomplete and only implemented for BlobStorage. Bug: 310933 (partial fix) Change-Id: I40f6b9d457010a0e1a68d1d33edb11f4da7a1321 Signed-off-by: Robin Rosenberg <> Signed-off-by: Chris Aniszczyk <>
2010-05-02Make the org.eclipse.core.test bundle a fragment bundleRobin Rosenberg3-66/+5
A fragment bundle allows us direct access to internal packages of the host bundle that we are testing without the hazzle with export/import. Since we cannot have an activator for a fragment we now set up the MockSystemReader in the GitTestCase that our tests derive from anyway. Change-Id: I6a1ded23d0a3063ae03ef6b8683c04b8dbe0d84e Signed-off-by: Robin Rosenberg <>
2010-04-16Replace deprecated IPluginRegistry calls with newer and simpler callsRobin Rosenberg1-14/+6
Change-Id: I88f8d85a01b6787bf8194d7f6013fb52e3bcbb71 Signed-off-by: Robin Rosenberg <>
2010-03-22Qualify builds as 0.8.0Shawn O. Pearce2-10/+10
Since the API is changing relative to 0.7.0, we'll call our next release 0.8.1. But until that gets released, builds from master will be 0.8.0.qualifier. Change-Id: I6b2ea58935b2748c9e4559de7ce58d61936d8c82 Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2010-02-19Convert tests to JUnit 4 styleMatthias Sohn5-24/+48
The maven-osgi-test-plugin doesn't find JUnit4 with package dependency to org.junit;version="[4.3.1,5.0.0)". Hence require bundle org.junit4. Filed for this problem. Rename T0002_history so that it is detected as test class by maven-osgi-test-plugin default logic (see [1]). [1] maven-osgi-test-plugin/src/main/java/org/codehaus/tycho/osgitest/ Change-Id: I5466e7e3b8d018c2484bf700334cc03778c9728a Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-02-13Fix build and test failuresShawn O. Pearce5-16/+16
- Correcting versions. [ms: - Correcting wrong version for org.eclipse.core.filesystem to [1.1,2.0) - "Require-Bundle:" needs to use "bundle-version:" to specify version. - Manifest refered to JUnit 4 but test execution specified JUnit 3. - Fix tests which have been broken by the change 667f571b "Fix enabling team operations on project import." - Split packages between org.eclipse.egit.core and org.eclipse.egit.core.test caused ClassNotFoundException in test execution hence moving test packages. ] Change-Id: Ic76335ecb34daa76431b3d7daae566d97a7413f0 Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2010-02-11Update manifests to use versioned Import-Package or Require-BundleShawn O. Pearce1-14/+17
Rather than taking anything at random, take the >= 3.4 but less than 4.0 versions for any Eclipse package, and JGit 0.6.0,0.7.0. This documents the assumption we are making about targeting the 3.4 API platform for Eclipse, but hopefully working on a forward release up until 4.0. Change-Id: If3955b243dbd36b6bee63472fa480ac172a80354 Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2010-02-03Point EGit to the same formatting profile as JGitShawn O. Pearce2-4/+17
The two projects share a lot of committers, and have the same origin, so their coding style is identical. Ensure we have a sane style configuration within EGit in case a new contributor just picks up the EGit tree and doesn't clone the JGit tree. Change-Id: If4a355e27e1aa5e25ffd082714a36bb4aea90f12 Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2010-01-23Make use of the JGit constant DOT_GITRobin Rosenberg4-10/+13
This constant refers to the .git directory, not a suffix. Change-Id: Ieac94c9a07ed1313ea420c646c66b9384e03d80a Signed-off-by: Robin Rosenberg <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2010-01-20Fix EGit Tycho buildMatthias Sohn1-10/+7
- Add missing pom-first dependencies as described in [1] to fix the build. - Create EGit update site. - The build of the update site assumes that egit and jgit are checked out under a common root folder, this is needed to refer to the JGit update site. If the layout is different the URL pointing to the JGit update site has to be passed to the maven build as system property jgit-site, e.g. mvn -Djgit-site=file:/C:/tmp/site clean install or mvn -Djgit-site= clean install - Introduce property for Eclipse p2 repository to prepare builds against other versions of Eclipse. - Adding information about mailing lists, issue tracker and license. This change depends on the following JGit change : - Ie4026f15f6250c4933dccf6f31b5009b90c036bc [1] BUT: since Tycho 0.6.0 target-platform-configuration has groupId org.sonatype.tycho ! Change-Id: Idf90bd4a29c36013f582c8f99424c8fc72597bc5 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2009-12-30Merge commit 'refs/changes/68/168/2' of git:// Rosenberg3-13/+60
Conflicts: org.eclipse.egit.core.test/src/org/eclipse/egit/core/test/
2009-12-30Adapt to JGit build which switched to Apache Felix maven-bundle-pluginMatthias Sohn2-0/+17
Add JGit plugin to EGit feature since JGit feature has been removed. Configure p2 resolver to refer to org.eclipse.jgit pom-first artifact as described in [1]. Add maven build output folders to .gitignore [1] Change-Id: I3bdf1186b7c5f4f14370109f1afdb5bdd97d4db9 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2009-12-20Implement GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES for Eclipse.Robin Rosenberg4-6/+17
If this environment variable is set it will be interpreted as a list of directories above which the Git Team Provider does not search for repositories. The key here is "search". By explicitly pointing at a repository it can still be used, regardless of where it is located. This feature is mostly useful for testing, but can possibly be used to cut of scans into network directories, which is the original rationale for the implementation in C Git. Change-Id: I0d39eaa63670030b495148a4cf2a57add7185f89 Signed-off-by: Robin Rosenberg <>
2009-12-19Flipped EGit to manifest-first maven-3/tycho buildIgor Fedorenko2-13/+43
New org.sonatype.tycho groupId Workaround for Removed checkNotNested. Conventional maven project layout results in the following repository nesting parallelip-egit <= egit source tree root /.git /org.eclipse.egit.core.test /target /work /data <= test workspace /.git /.metadata /Project-1 Disable checkNotNested as a short term solution, but in the long term we need to reintroduce this check with mechanisms like Git's GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES to make sure it does not produce false positive during maven build. Change-Id: Idec24de111aa21a022654c443376e42ae6caa7cc Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2009-11-30ConnectProviderOperation uses git repositories selected by userMykola Nikishov3-5/+5
ConnectProviderOperation tried to connect only projects provided by getProjects() method in ExistingOrNewPage. This method returned only a list of projects, and the mapping between the project and its git repository directory is never used and lost. ConnectProviderOperation tried to find repository itself using RepositoryFinder's method find(IProgressMonitor). The logic of this method was fixed and it returns more then one RepositoryMapping for a project nested into other git repository. But this isn't expected by ConnectProviderOperation and it wouldn't even try to connect such project. Now: - method getProjects() in ExistingOrNewPage now returns a pairing, Map<IProject, File> instead of IProject[]. It provides information about git repositories which has been selected by user for each project. If a git repository path is absolute (it was just created) it will make it relative to the project's root. - ConnectProviderOperation uses Map<IProject, File> instead of IProject[] and will connect project to git repository only if it has been founded in repository mappings provided by method find(IProgressMonitor) for a given project. - default value '../.git' provided for just introduced field GitProjectsImportPage.ProjectRecord.repository - path to a test repository in unit tests Bug: 291303 Change-Id: Id6f30efd6a4d10a4f1946e92dc54e51972166be9 Signed-off-by: Mykola Nikishov <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2009-11-30Remove a test project from workspace before creationMykola Nikishov2-1/+16
Creating a test project when it exists throws: org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Resource '/Project-1' already exists. Change-Id: I9d8d548fa8ebc697467f33a387ad2ae8ba78f022 Signed-off-by: Mykola Nikishov <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2009-11-30Assert there are no other git repositories in a parent directoriesMykola Nikishov1-0/+13
Change-Id: I07c6bda038ae420c2d3be97d0b0fbfa1f5c4a45a Signed-off-by: Mykola Nikishov <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2009-11-06Fix assert for a project in a non-existed git repositoryMykola Nikishov1-2/+1
Test project was created in the directory where there is no git repository and it's not nested into another existed repository. It's strange to expect that this project will be shared. Bug: 290676 Change-Id: Ibda750e8901e294262f6601f12f90fc004a41fbd Signed-off-by: Mykola Nikishov <>
2009-10-31Remove trailing whitespaces when saving fileMykola Nikishov1-0/+52
'Save action' for java editor enabled and configured to remove all trailing whitespaces. All other actions disabled. Actually only these are significant: editor_save_participant_org.eclipse.jdt.ui.postsavelistener.cleanup=true sp_cleanup.remove_trailing_whitespaces=true sp_cleanup.remove_trailing_whitespaces_all=true sp_cleanup.remove_trailing_whitespaces_ignore_empty=false But Eclipse needs all unused settings to be set to false explicitly. Change-Id: I0f987d01623b2eef0e462fae95ac8e7717c1f79c Signed-off-by: Mykola Nikishov <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2009-10-28Specify explcitly that unit tests should be run in UI threadMykola Nikishov1-0/+1
Eclipse 3.5 introduced a new parameter 'Run in UI thread' in a 'Run configurations...' dialog. Every time when a launch configuration opened this parameter would be set to true and a launch configuration file would be modified unnecessarily. So this value has been set explicitly to prevent this annoying behavior. Change-Id: I578179a6108d5d8386f794f81ea777cecaa043a2 Signed-off-by: Mykola Nikishov <>
2009-10-05Mark EGit plugin for 0.6Shawn O. Pearce1-1/+1
Our project plan calls for us to build 0.6 as the next version, so start using that version number in our builds. Change-Id: I739b142cb7656cd735237ba320d45ce93230a476 Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
2009-09-29Initial EGit contribution to eclipse.orgShawn O. Pearce16-0/+1117
Per CQ 3393 this is the initial contribution of the EGit project (an Eclipse team provider for Git) to This initial version is derived from the historial EGit repository at commit a9578ba7361b66ab403c6605a1b87fb7b2f94c6e. Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>

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