BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd p2MirrorsURL and p2StatsURI to EGit p2 repositoryMatthias Sohn3 days
stable-3.1Prepare post 3.1.0 buildsMatthias Sohn2 years
stable-3.2Prepare post 3.2.0 buildsMatthias Sohn22 months
stable-3.3EGit v3.3.2.201404171909-rMatthias Sohn18 months
stable-3.4EGit v3.4.2.201412180340-rMatthias Sohn10 months
stable-3.5EGit v3.5.3.201412180710-rMatthias Sohn10 months
stable-3.6Prepare 3.6.3-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn9 months
stable-3.7Prepare 3.7.2-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn5 months
stable-4.0EGit v4.0.3.201509231615-rMatthias Sohn2 weeks
stable-4.1Prepare 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn11 days
v4.1.0.201509280440-regit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn11 days
v4.0.1.201506240215-regit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn4 months
v4.0.0.201506090130-regit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn4 months
v4.0.0.201506020755-rc3egit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn4 months
v4.0.0.201505260635-rc2egit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn4 months
v4.0.0.201505191015-rc1egit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn5 months
v4.0.0.201505050340-m2egit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn5 months
v3.7.1.201504261725-regit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn5 months
v4.0.0.201503231230-m1egit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn7 months
v3.7.0.201502260915-regit-  egit-  egit-  Matthias Sohn7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysAdd p2MirrorsURL and p2StatsURI to EGit p2 repositoryHEADmasterrefs/changes/71/57471/3Matthias Sohn1-1/+43
4 daysConfigurable date format used consistently throughout EGitrefs/changes/03/57403/1Thomas Wolf7-50/+187
5 daysConfigurable date format used consistently throughout EGitrefs/changes/65/56765/4Thomas Wolf18-132/+725
6 daysFix formatting of org.eclipse.egit.gitflow.ui/plugin.xmlrefs/changes/80/56780/4Max Hohenegger1-309/+309
6 daysMerge "Remove reference to Eclipse 2.0 compatibility plug-in"Matthias Sohn1-1/+1
6 daysMerge "Fixed 'Finishing and squashing a feature aborts in bigger workspaces'"Matthias Sohn1-22/+48
6 daysMerge "Fix violations of nullable annotation"Matthias Sohn5-9/+23
6 daysRemove reference to Eclipse 2.0 compatibility plug-inrefs/changes/20/56920/4Lars Vogel1-1/+1
6 daysFixed 'Finishing and squashing a feature aborts in bigger workspaces'refs/changes/23/56823/3Max Hohenegger1-22/+48
6 daysFix violations of nullable annotationrefs/changes/30/56830/3Max Hohenegger5-9/+23
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