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2019-06-12EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.4.0.201906121030-rv5.4.0.201906121030-rMatthias Sohn19-20/+20
Change-Id: I31b2299fcfbf24c2f23f85e84680722b4234865d Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-06-11Merge branch 'master' into stable-5.4Matthias Sohn5-59/+59
* master: Update Jetty to 9.4.14 Update to Orbit R20190602212107 Change-Id: I0ff2e8c349beeef0b769c548a598f990949408a8 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-06-11Update Jetty to 9.4.14Matthias Sohn4-39/+39
Update to the version used by JGit and EGit since quite a while. Change-Id: Ic799270f4c3f67aa8badbf7ddc98e4c40e04f951 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-06-10Update to Orbit R20190602212107Matthias Sohn3-21/+21
* Rollback update to Ant 1.10.6. An issue has been reported with Java 1.8 and new Ant version 1.10.6 hence this was rolled back to 1.10.5 in Orbit. * Update bouncycastle to 1.61 See: Bug: 547607 Change-Id: Ia68a9363836a1a36801c44b8bc528294ff473de4 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-05-22Prepare 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn19-20/+20
Change-Id: I6ed41f3f8cf1fc1307d07f328d5b7ef17e43e736 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-05-22EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.4.0.201905221418-m3v5.4.0.201905221418-m3Matthias Sohn19-20/+20
Change-Id: I37ca60c952dd1dab652035bb74a8abb02b1725d6 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-05-22Merge branch 'master' into stable-5.4Matthias Sohn4-50/+86
* master: Update Orbit to S20190521195709 for 2019-06 M3 Remove the "publish" maven profile Change-Id: I2d05d353c68c9a956081e12fa77678c66b6c13a2
2019-05-22Update Orbit to S20190521195709 for 2019-06 M3Matthias Sohn3-13/+86
Update - org.apache.ant to 1.10.6.v20190516-0412 (CQ 19829) - org.apache.httpcomponents.httpclient to 4.5.6.v20190503-0009 - com.jcraft.jsch to 0.1.55.v20190404-1902 - org.apache.sshd.osgi to 2.2.0.v20190425-2127 - org.apache.sshd.sftp to 2.2.0.v20190425-2127 Change-Id: I8553d317a042f31169d6c5af2b0890132eca62ea Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-05-22Prepare 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn19-20/+20
Change-Id: If2e3fbfc332248931f50cbfafb3df7b507f7feb4 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-05-10Remove the "publish" maven profileThomas Wolf1-37/+0
The egit-bot Jenkins jobs publish the update site in the jobs' build scripts via ssh/scp directly. This profile is unused and the ant task wouldn't work anyway since updating the update site must be done via ssh with an identity that is installed only on Jenkins. Change-Id: I93f276163ca777c839f4cc77bb48d12076a9c41c Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2019-05-08EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.4.0.201905081430-m2Matthias Sohn19-20/+20
Change-Id: I419c0340ca0dac38097735e67ef01f6d1bbcb903 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-04-26Use latest CBI license featureMichael Keppler1-1/+1
There is meanwhile a license feature 2.0.1 available. By using 0.0.0 we always get the latest and don't need to track CBI changes. Change-Id: Ida0c8da2a3dac3cf27e6588b1c33b74f418e7a0e Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-04-16Upgrade Tycho to 1.4.0Michael Keppler1-1/+1
Change-Id: I078f1e84db1b95ef633d7b0da0c660eefb91004b Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-04-11silence PDE warning "not all packages exported"Michael Keppler3-1/+70
Since 2019-03 PDE shows a warning in each plugin which does not export all its packages. Let us silence this warning in all test bundles. Also add one missing package import (with restriction as internal). Change-Id: Ibeb28bdd78486d4048a11e516280ed2e78ab303d Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-04-08upgrade jdt preferencesMichael Keppler7-3/+128
Upgrade JDT preferences to current versions (by means of browsing the project preference pages). There are no changes in preference values. Change-Id: Ifd4ce7d7a6f7909f3e95044f9e99a03c59cfff35 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-04-04Merge branch 'stable-5.3'Thomas Wolf2-2/+3
* stable-5.3: Correct version increase for egit-github Change-Id: I13bcc902211fa29024c4eccf0aa20a967111ee34 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2019-04-04Correct version increase for egit-githubstable-5.3Thomas Wolf2-2/+3
The target platform setup was not increased with the version increase. As a result stable nightly builds on the new infrastructure don't work. Bug: 545981 Change-Id: I530f9b83748bc5f20f3e62b969849f247bcecd7e Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2019-03-28convert target platform to simple POM projectMichael Keppler6-32/+3
There is no reason why this is a plugin project. It is sufficient as Xtext nature project which is only built via Maven. Change-Id: Ic258ffe4efff28d48c8350faef7cc56f95095e49 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-03-24Set minimum versions to the ones from Neon.0Thomas Wolf5-22/+22
Change-Id: I5a7e75424bb1f1f55dcbd3a7b8988dad7fda2055 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2019-03-23Add RepositoryService#deleteRepositoryGeorge Gastaldi1-0/+14
Change-Id: Ic71e5e89dc763f22a604dbdc3779fd9f1b05d711 Signed-off-by: George Gastaldi <>
2019-03-23Merge "hookId must be long according to RepositoryHook#getId"Michael Keppler1-3/+3
2019-03-18upgrade Maven pluginsMichael Keppler1-3/+22
Same changes as in egit * have versions in pluginManagement section only * add implicit tycho plugins to be versioned * upgrade spotbugs and other plugins with newer available versions Change-Id: Id0ed0a4c71213a5f32ff6841573ff8550a746be8 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-03-18Use target 5.4 in egit-githubMichael Keppler1-1/+1
Current Maven on ci-staging builds fail due to still referencing 5.3 target. Change-Id: I63e1fb5a7e92535a22adeb6f8a1de7437d60c550 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-03-14Merge branch 'stable-5.3'Matthias Sohn1-0/+3
* stable-5.3: Prepare 5.3.1-SNAPSHOT builds EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.3.0.201903130848-r Change-Id: Ic2373773f1e6003759a738b7ddc6f4f28f1a833c Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-14Prepare 5.3.1-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn19-73/+73
Change-Id: Ia2005f57baf7c461f27374e8b1418a0fbf38c9cc Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-14Fix --snapshot to update jgit and egit versionsMatthias Sohn1-0/+3
Change-Id: I57fe5a58983b36fc3262eb4ff8e27cd343921416 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-14hookId must be long according to RepositoryHook#getIdGeorge Gastaldi1-3/+3
Change-Id: I0d2d59cfa141dba7e58bb5d2d8bba606fd739b18 Signed-off-by: George Gastaldi <>
2019-03-13EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.3.0.201903130848-rv5.3.0.201903130848-rMatthias Sohn19-19/+19
Change-Id: Icf52a2e4d82b76bd7be34a05300aa6815961a5c1 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-12Remove unnecessary null checkMichael Keppler1-6/+9
Change-Id: Iad7636699be5b4969e6cffe7435d2cf95b998270 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-03-12Suppress unused warningsMichael Keppler4-1/+6
Suppress unused warnings in all methods that want to evaluate a side effect of the object creation (i.e. where the unused object cannot just be removed). Change-Id: I9da8bac98fc4dcdc4353d8e257a610fb338dd38c Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-03-08Require Mylyn 3.21 (Neon+)Michael Keppler4-13/+13
The oldest tested target platform in egit ( contains Mylyn 3.21.0. We should therefore require at least that version as dependency both in the egit/egit-github plugins and features. All changes have been done by matching the current version of each bundle from the target platform in the manifest editor. I.e. this was no search and replace. Change-Id: I6b33256fbb381563226a6374d2d968b2e0e62bdc Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-03-07Prepare 5.4.0-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn20-75/+75
Change-Id: I649c6212baafef7d24f96ca0e764fe990999aabc Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-06Merge branch 'stable-5.3'Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
* stable-5.3: Prepare 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT builds EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.3.0.201903061415-rc1 Change-Id: I17f9110e84d3529150956d2ef1974d736014a0b5
2019-03-06Prepare 5.3.0-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn19-19/+19
Change-Id: Ia31d7734118273738abbddfc81734c9841d0411c Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-06EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.3.0.201903061415-rc1v5.3.0.201903061415-rc1Matthias Sohn19-19/+19
Change-Id: I52412afc6185e88c2b3ad3b23208d937dbd4ec4b Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-06Merge branch 'master' into stable-5.3Matthias Sohn30-29/+177
* master: Update Orbit to R20190226160451 and sync dependencies with jgit and egit Write GitHub with capital H Wizards shall have a description Silence all discouraged access warnings in Java code Change-Id: I5ffb24ab4cd5cca06ce6539ddd50712544bae246 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-03-06Update Orbit to R20190226160451 and sync dependencies with jgit and egitMatthias Sohn4-11/+96
Also update - org.apache.commons.compress to 1.18 - org.apache.httpcomponents.httpclient to 4.5.6 - org.apache.httpcomponents.httpcore to 4.4.10 - org.tukaani.xz to 1.8.0 and add the new dependencies JGit introduced - org.bouncycastle.bcpg.source 1.60.0 - org.bouncycastle.bcpkix 1.60.0 - org.bouncycastle.bcprov 1.60.0 to synch with updates done in jgit and egit target platforms. Change-Id: I4fd769bedc6fcd639c8df86975dc53ac38c9c113 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2019-02-04Write GitHub with capital HMichael Keppler7-12/+13
In some end user visible areas it was written as "Github" before, so this changes all the occurrences, including not end user visible comments. Change-Id: Idd4b994ef63e640d9e77ea610b1b75b64520e41d Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-02-04Wizards shall have a descriptionMichael Keppler2-0/+8
This was recently fixed in egit, but not in egit-github. Bug: 543897 Change-Id: Id62811b890377e2a27de75f2f09679f9aed4476f Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2019-01-06Silence all discouraged access warnings in Java codeMichael Keppler17-6/+60
All the references to internal classes or fields have been implemented on purpose and there are no better APIs available. Let us therefore silence all the "discouraged access" warnings. We will notice changes in future versions of the dependencies rather by deprecation warnings or by compiler failures. Change-Id: Ib7af041b1e8ac0f0dba5c45fda6ef93188674bb3 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2018-12-29Use plurals in localizationMichael Keppler2-9/+6
Instead of selecting between 2 localization strings, use ChoiceFormat to select between singular and plural. Change-Id: I61d28497ddc330870d051569d0468eb3ef93a9ad Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2018-12-16Upgrade Tycho to 1.3Michael Keppler1-1/+4
Upgrade to 1.3 and use the new Surefire configuration parameter to get rid of the stacktrace trimming that was introduced by mistake in Tycho 1.2 (it was enabled in the upstream Maven Surefire plugin). Most unit test stack traces have been shortened so aggressively in Tycho 1.2 that you could not see the real root cause anymore (e.g. the test method was first entry in the stack trace after the exception, even if there were actually many more methods called in between). Change-Id: I16d5961e5dcead851b36a9651fc9953265ae1166 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2018-12-15Upgrade Maven dependenciesMichael Keppler1-227/+226
* reorder sections to ease comparison with egit pom * remove superflous version declaration from plugin section (already configured in plugin management) * fix writing of linkXRef argument in PMD configuration * upgrade PMD, Spotbugs Change-Id: I0e2d4862b017a612e57d94b26f23ddbbf08b47db Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2018-12-14Fix typo in automatic module name in MANIFEST.MFThomas Wolf2-2/+2
Change-Id: If6706788921d387590be31e63234f7db8ecde961 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2018-12-14Add missing @since 5.3 tagsThomas Wolf4-0/+9
Change-Id: I867157bdd177555268e7ee2e7fd7430cc6ad0b2a Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2018-12-14Implement list tags API for repositoryFrédéric Cilia2-0/+38
Change-Id: Ia205fc224deed6f1c36aa6fef1b350669de28bff Signed-off-by: Frédéric Cilia <>
2018-12-14Implement delete reference, tag and branchFrédéric Cilia3-0/+119
Change-Id: I66973315ef82f70bc99c80fe3360f8cb9476888a Signed-off-by: Frédéric Cilia <>
2018-12-14Implement merging API for repositoryFrédéric Cilia7-5/+445
Change-Id: I55862204ef71f69bc88c79fe2259f7cb8365799a Signed-off-by: Frédéric Cilia <>
2018-12-14GitHubClient: enable using a proxyLuca Andreatta1-0/+21
Adds the possibility to use a proxy in the GitHubClient. Bug: 541603 Signed-off-by: Luca Andreatta <> Change-Id: Ib706a15ec4dbd003692215d9e7b0bf2668604aee
2018-12-14Merge branch 'stable-5.2'Thomas Wolf4-6/+6
* stable-5.2: Prepare 5.2.1-SNAPSHOT builds EGit Mylyn Github Connector v5.2.0.201812061821-r Update Orbit to R20181128170323 for 2018-12 Change-Id: Ieb6e42ec6fe5f59b464ff5d24c116e07a82eb765 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>

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