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authorAaron S. Hawley2019-06-21 06:22:55 -0400
committerThomas Wolf2019-06-21 14:22:21 -0400
commit2565bf7ae358f156fcac7f5d007dc7cd4bf7e2d8 (patch)
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parent7a8c24d36f2214f6d7a97bb09249974d978188fe (diff)
Change mergeable in PullRequest to Boolean
According to [1], mergeable field needs to be a null-able reference type, and not a boolean primitive: The value of the mergeable attribute can be true, false, or null. If the value is null, then GitHub has started a background job to compute the mergeability. After giving the job time to complete, resubmit the request. When the job finishes, you will see a non-null value for the mergeable attribute in the response. [1] Bug: 537774 Change-Id: I0cfb83933afb18386a2390138c738ce78d700a18 Signed-off-by: Aaron S. Hawley <>
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