BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.0[452262] Add images are referenced in the .odesigncbrun23 months
3.0cleanup target platforms and setup modelcbrun9 months
3.1Remove reference on the non valued buildid in about.propertiescbrun5 months
masterDon't log errors if legacySection is not presentcbrun7 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R3_0_0.tar.gz  R3_0_0.tar.xz  cbrun16 months  R2_0.0.tar.gz  R2_0.0.tar.xz  cbrun2 years  build_201006151639.tar.gz  build_201006151639.tar.xz  emerks6 years  build_201006150914.tar.gz  build_201006150914.tar.xz  emerks6 years  build_201006120106.tar.gz  build_201006120106.tar.xz  emerks6 years  build_201006020105.tar.gz  build_201006020105.tar.xz  emerks6 years  build_201005261927.tar.gz  build_201005261927.tar.xz  emerks6 years  build_201005191448.tar.gz  build_201005191448.tar.xz  emerks6 years  build_201005160106.tar.gz  build_201005160106.tar.xz  emerks6 years  Root_R0_9_0_maintenance.tar.gz  Root_R0_9_0_maintenance.tar.xz  jlescot7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 daysDon't log errors if legacySection is not presentHEADmastercbrun1-1/+3
7 days[463422] report the exact same contributor definitioncbrun1-10/+27
7 days[506060] Make sure there is a sensible visibleWhen on command defscbrun1-114/+142
12 daysSpecify Sirius 4.1 as minimum required versionrefs/changes/96/82996/1cbrun2-18/+18
13 days[505720] Open help from the o.e.ecoretools.doc plugin cbrun1-1/+1
13 days[501835] Fix NPE when using the EEF legacy tabrefs/changes/96/81696/7Mélanie Bats1-53/+87
13 days[505651] Remove redondant "Generate" word in every actioncbrun2-47/+49
13 days[505651] Add contextual menu in diagram editor to launch generationscbrun4-0/+162
13 days[500925] Reword wizard description and avoid CRcbrun1-2/+1
13 days[504739] Reduce the number of contextual buttons applicable on an EClasscbrun1-3/+3
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