BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.1.x-releaseGenerate version qualifiers for 0.1.3Jens Reimann3 years
0.2.x-releaseApplied version: 0.2.2Jens Reimann14 months
0.3.x-releaseApplied version: 0.3.0Juergen Rose11 months
0.4.x-releaseApplied version: 0.4.0Jens Reimann6 weeks
masterRemove debug output in the unit testsJens Reimann2 months
R0.4.0R0.4.0.zip  R0.4.0.tar.gz  R0.4.0.tar.xz  Jens Reimann6 weeks
S0.4.0.M5S0.4.0.M5.zip  S0.4.0.M5.tar.gz  S0.4.0.M5.tar.xz  Jens Reimann4 months
S0.4.0.M4S0.4.0.M4.zip  S0.4.0.M4.tar.gz  S0.4.0.M4.tar.xz  Jens Reimann4 months
S0.4.0.M2S0.4.0.M2.zip  S0.4.0.M2.tar.gz  S0.4.0.M2.tar.xz  Juergen Rose11 months
S0.4.0.M1S0.4.0.M1.zip  S0.4.0.M1.tar.gz  S0.4.0.M1.tar.xz  Juergen Rose11 months
R0.3.0R0.3.0.zip  R0.3.0.tar.gz  R0.3.0.tar.xz  Juergen Rose11 months
S0.3.0.M10S0.3.0.M10.zip  S0.3.0.M10.tar.gz  S0.3.0.M10.tar.xz  Juergen Rose12 months
S0.3.0.M9S0.3.0.M9.zip  S0.3.0.M9.tar.gz  S0.3.0.M9.tar.xz  Jens Reimann13 months
S0.3.0.M8S0.3.0.M8.zip  S0.3.0.M8.tar.gz  S0.3.0.M8.tar.xz  Jens Reimann13 months
S0.3.0.M7S0.3.0.M7.zip  S0.3.0.M7.tar.gz  S0.3.0.M7.tar.xz  Jens Reimann13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-01-18Remove debug output in the unit testsHEADmasterJens Reimann1-3/+0
2017-01-18Fix a possible NPE and a possible NOOPJens Reimann4-24/+55
2016-12-08properly ignore all background messagesJens Reimann1-15/+22
2016-12-08add a bit of javadocJens Reimann1-0/+8
2016-12-08allow adding a filter to the even processorJens Reimann1-2/+68
2016-12-08Add support for processing scaled valuesJens Reimann9-4/+123
2016-12-06Add support for scaled values in background transmissionJens Reimann2-1/+61
2016-12-06Fix package import versionJens Reimann1-2/+2
2016-12-06Refactor IEC 60870 server data modelJens Reimann31-174/+2093
2016-12-06Minor cleanup, allow the use of Java 8 consumersJens Reimann5-13/+28
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