BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.1.x-releaseGenerate version qualifiers for 0.1.3Jens Reimann13 months
0.2.x-releaseApplied version: 0.2.1Jens Reimann3 months
0.3.x-releaseApplied version: 0.3.0.M1Jens Reimann5 days
masterpush through readable and writable to the actual itemJens Reimann6 days
S0.3.0.M1S0.3.0.M1.zip  S0.3.0.M1.tar.gz  S0.3.0.M1.tar.xz  Jens Reimann5 days
R0.2.1R0.2.1.zip  R0.2.1.tar.gz  R0.2.1.tar.xz  Jens Reimann3 months
M0.2.1.RC4M0.2.1.RC4.zip  M0.2.1.RC4.tar.gz  M0.2.1.RC4.tar.xz  Jens Reimann3 months
M0.2.1.RC3M0.2.1.RC3.zip  M0.2.1.RC3.tar.gz  M0.2.1.RC3.tar.xz  Jens Reimann3 months
M0.2.1.RC2M0.2.1.RC2.zip  M0.2.1.RC2.tar.gz  M0.2.1.RC2.tar.xz  Jens Reimann3 months
M0.2.1.RC1M0.2.1.RC1.zip  M0.2.1.RC1.tar.gz  M0.2.1.RC1.tar.xz  Jens Reimann3 months
R0.2.0R0.2.0.zip  R0.2.0.tar.gz  R0.2.0.tar.xz  Jens Reimann6 months
S0.2.0.M11S0.2.0.M11.zip  S0.2.0.M11.tar.gz  S0.2.0.M11.tar.xz  Jens Reimann8 months
S0.2.0.M10S0.2.0.M10.zip  S0.2.0.M10.tar.gz  S0.2.0.M10.tar.xz  Jens Reimann9 months
S0.2.0.M9S0.2.0.M9.zip  S0.2.0.M9.tar.gz  S0.2.0.M9.tar.xz  Jens Reimann9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 dayspush through readable and writable to the actual itemHEADmasterJens Reimann31-345/+1571
6 daysrelocation generator functionalityJens Reimann2-23/+22
6 daysallow providing IO directionJens Reimann15-741/+1065
6 daysfix a warning, upgrade to marsJens Reimann3-8/+8
6 daysadd message for missing versionJens Reimann1-5/+7
7 daysadd /target/ to ignoreJens Reimann2-0/+2
10 daysfix the build and add the right bundleJens Reimann3-0/+21
10 daysremove world.validation from featureJens Reimann1-7/+0
10 daysremove old validation plugin from buildJens Reimann1-2/+0
11 daysclear warningsJens Reimann1-6/+4
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