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masterFixed getMapping(String), it wasn't calculating the mapping's indexPascal Filion20 months
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2013-10-03Fixed getMapping(String), it wasn't calculating the mapping's indexHEADmasterPascal FilionPascal Filion1-1/+4
2013-09-12Fixed 2 MongoEntityGenerator bugs and wrote the unit-tests project (not active)Pascal FilionPascal Filion30-31/+963
2013-09-09Fixed two issues with Mongo entity genPascal FilionPascal Filion1-167/+257
2013-08-19Added more unit-testsPascal FilionPascal Filion62-934/+3847
2013-06-18Made changes to the converter API due to JDev dependencyPascal FilionPascal Filion5-25/+25
2013-06-18Added more unit-tests, updated APIPascal FilionPascal Filion67-1644/+6359
2013-06-06Updated copyright to some files, updated Ant scripts to run Mapping and Utili...Pascal FilionPascal Filion174-1066/+3887
2013-05-06Started to write Mapping testsPascal FilionPascal Filion35-69/+1169
2013-04-29Removed duplication from ExternalOrderColumnPascal FilionPascal Filion2-272/+2
2013-04-28Reviewed code, fixed bugsPascal FilionPascal Filion46-639/+873