BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.01.0/2008-11-11 Automatically built and checked in by the nightly processEdwin Tang6 years
1.1update WebSphere testing scripts to accept dynamic cell name, node name and s...Yiping Zhao4 years
1.2update jdbc driver to fix mySQL test results.Eric Gwin3 years
2.0Backport of fix for default namespace issue from 2.3Matt MacIvor3 years
2.1Backport of bug 363593 to 2.1 streamMatt MacIvor18 months
2.2Backport of bug 363593 to 2.2 streamMatt MacIvor18 months
2.3Fix for bug 426942 - Schematype + adapter conversion issuedesmith11 months
2.4Fixed bug#424626 - Workspace crashes with OutOfMemoryError when JPA Validatio...Pascal Filion9 months
2.5* Minor test change for bug 440594. Move a test to the proper package.Rick Curtis11 days
masterBug# 455313 - Make JUnit tests on WLS/MySQL stablePetros Splinakis5 days
2.6.0-M3eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-M3.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-M3.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-M3.tar.bz2  Bo Liu4 months
2.5.2eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2.tar.bz2  Bo Liu6 months
2.5.2-RC1eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2-RC1.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2-RC1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2-RC1.tar.bz2  Bo Liu6 months
2.5.2-M1eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2-M1.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2-M1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.2-M1.tar.bz2  Eric Gwin13 months
2.5.1eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1.tar.bz2  Eric Gwin15 months
2.5.1-RC3eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC3.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC3.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC3.tar.bz2  Eric Gwin15 months
2.5.1-RC2eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC2.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC2.tar.bz2  Eric Gwin15 months
2.5.1-RC1eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC1.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.5.1-RC1.tar.bz2  Eric Gwin16 months
2.6.0-M2eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-M2.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-M2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-M2.tar.bz2  Eric Gwin16 months
2.4.2eclipselink.runtime-2.4.2.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.4.2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.4.2.tar.bz2  Eric Gwin18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
5 daysBug# 455313 - Make JUnit tests on WLS/MySQL stableHEADmasterPetros SplinakisTomas Kraus5-83/+100
6 daysUpdate of JavaDocs in MOXy core classes. Fix of formatting and enable of Java...Marcel ValovyMarcel Valovy23-143/+151
6 daysConcurrency update.Marcel ValovyMarcel Valovy1-2/+2
9 daysBug #454877 - Add jmockit javaagent for solaris environmentMartin VojtekMartin Vojtek2-1/+1
9 daysBug# 454874 - Predicate.getExpressions() is not returning empty result in cas...Petros SplinakisTomas Kraus3-21/+70
10 daysUpdate of Properties names and clean up and update of JavaDocs.Marcel ValovyMarcel Valovy4-263/+263
10 daysRefactor of JAXB Context, Binder, Marshaller, Unmarshaller classes -> Fixing ...Marcel ValovyMarcel Valovy4-1042/+1037
10 daysBug #454154 - Date and Time vulnerable to GMT Time Zone and to order of tests...Marcel ValovyMarcel Valovy2-178/+194
11 days* Minor test change for bug 440594. Move a test to the proper package.Rick CurtisRick Curtis2-2/+2
11 daysBug #454582 - Compare signature of baseline and latest version of EclipseLink.Martin VojtekMartin Vojtek4-36/+45