BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.0Backport of fix for default namespace issue from 2.3Matt MacIvor4 years
2.1Backport of bug 363593 to 2.1 streamMatt MacIvor3 years
2.2Backport of bug 363593 to 2.2 streamMatt MacIvor3 years
2.3Backport of bug 394400David Minsky3 months
2.4Bug# 429232 - Instance of UnitOfWork is stored in ExpressionBuilder inside Co...Tomas Kraus6 months
2.5Bug 469337: Cannot install DBWS Builder feature into EclipseLukas Jungmann8 months
2.6Bug 485372 322358 - Fixed ]]> escaping in XML records in both CDATA and text ...Ondrej Cerny3 days
2.6_WASBug# 436871 - Fixed NPE in checkForCustomQuery Minimal changeset to be backpo...Tomas Kraus4 weeks
masterBug 485372 322358 - Fixed ]]> escaping in XML records in both CDATA and text ...Ondrej Cerny3 days
stage_branchBug 463026: TransparentIndirectionPolicy incorrectly detects built collectionsLukas Jungmann10 months
2.6.2eclipselink.runtime-2.6.2.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.2.tar.xz  Bo Liu7 weeks
2.6.2-RC1eclipselink.runtime-2.6.2-RC1.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.2-RC1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.2-RC1.tar.xz  Bo Liu7 weeks
2.3.4-M5eclipselink.runtime-2.3.4-M5.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.3.4-M5.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.3.4-M5.tar.xz  Bo Liu3 months
2.6.1eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1.tar.xz  Bo Liu4 months
2.6.1-RC2eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1-RC2.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1-RC2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1-RC2.tar.xz  Bo Liu4 months
2.3.4-M4eclipselink.runtime-2.3.4-M4.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.3.4-M4.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.3.4-M4.tar.xz  Bo Liu5 months
2.6.1-RC1eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1-RC1.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1-RC1.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.1-RC1.tar.xz  Bo Liu8 months
2.6.0_WASeclipselink.runtime-2.6.0_WAS.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0_WAS.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0_WAS.tar.xz  Rick Curtis9 months
2.6.0eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0.tar.xz  Bo Liu11 months
2.6.0-RC2eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-RC2.zip  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-RC2.tar.gz  eclipselink.runtime-2.6.0-RC2.tar.xz  Bo Liu11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysBug 485372 322358 - Fixed ]]> escaping in XML records in both CDATA and text ...HEADmasterOndrej Cerny18-30/+174
8 daysBug 486473: EclipseLink fails to run on JDK9Lukas Jungmann4-96/+66
8 daysBug 484061 - Fix mongo compatibility test.Andriy Zhdanov3-35/+54
9 daysBug 486274: Fix for high priority findbugs warningsMiroslav Kos11-44/+462
10 daysBug#485984 : When object with cache isolationType Protected, obtained thru em...Mythily Parthasarathy5-6/+184
10 daysBug 483478: ConcurrencyManager acquireWithWait blocking undefinetlyLukas Jungmann1-8/+17
11 daysBug 486481 - T-1186 (annotation processor), T-1188 (JsonbContext)Roman Grigoriadi71-505/+2918
11 daysBug #486189 - SDO types can be created with invalid XML names - XML names are...Ondrej Cerny8-23/+337
11 daysBug 486282 - Error parsing validation.xml - java.util.concurrent.executionexc...Miroslav Kos2-109/+96
2016-01-22Bug #477203 - Schema generator is not processing @Pattern annotation - patter...Ondrej Cerny8-31/+47
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