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5 daysBug 551818: Fix broken link in about.htmlTorbjörn Svensson62-62/+62
2019-05-30Bug 544447 - [provider] Implement filetransfer provider using HttpClient 4.5 APICarsten Reckord1-1/+0
2019-05-30Bug 544447 - [provider] Implement filetransfer provider using HttpClient 4.5 APICarsten Reckord2-23/+99
2019-05-30Disabled URLRetrieveTestCancelConnectJob since irrelevant for 45slewis1-482/+314
2019-02-20Fix for
2018-10-25Second fix for file references for removal of 3.6.1 version of ECFslewis1-1/+1
2018-10-25Fixed http file references for removal of 3.6.1 version of ECF (updatedslewis3-3/+3
2018-10-12Fix for bug
2018-09-27Fix for
2018-04-26Removed use of org.osgi.service.log.Logger from master branch. It wasslewis1-1/+0
2018-04-26Update to rosgi to allow use of asm 6 and removedslewis15-733/+5
2018-04-02Additional fixes for bugslewis2-2/+156
2017-07-15Change-Id: I83a6b60553a2b7dc5407279e9352ae59cd77a5e2slewis2-4/+4
2017-03-22Remove o.e.ecf.tests.filetransfer.httpclientMat Booth8-140/+0
2016-12-03Added scp test caseslewis3-3/+129
2016-10-15Bug 455300 - Allow deploying to snapshot maven repositoryMat Booth2-2/+2
2016-09-26Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoMat Booth19-16/+445
2016-06-10Bug 495920 - Tycho does not support "additional.bundles" in build.propertiesMat Booth2-1/+2
2016-06-10Fix for build problemslewis1-1/+3
2016-04-12Merge "Bug 491520 - references files that do not exist"Scott Lewis1-2/+1
2016-04-12Bug 491520 - references files that do not existMat Booth1-2/+1
2016-04-12Bug 491516 - "jre.compilation.profile" is lower than BREE in some projectsMat Booth1-2/+0
2016-01-13Changed composite discovery container tests to bogus (do nothing) tests.R-Release_HEAD-sdk_feature-185_185slewis4-417/+15
2016-01-13Added tests back in to allow test framework to startslewis4-2/+417
2016-01-12Added empty file in org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.discovery/src to getslewis1-0/+2
2016-01-12Removed CompositeDiscoveryContainer tests from AllTests suite inslewis13-449/+449
2016-01-11Removed CompositeDiscoveryContainer tests from AllTests suite inslewis1-5/+5
2015-08-06Removed SSLContainerAbstractTestCast until build is modified to supportR-Release_HEAD-sdk_feature-153_153slewis1-0/+10
2015-07-25Revoked committ: Removed unused method from tests. Seems it is used.slewis1-0/+8
2015-07-25Removed unused method from tests.slewis1-8/+0
2015-07-25Change to https urls in filetransfer useslewis3-5/+3
2015-07-18Changed file for xmpp filetransfer testslewis1-134794/+1
2015-07-18Fix for xmpp filetransfer testslewis1-1/+1
2015-07-17Fixes for XMPPOutgoingTestslewis5-19/+136265
2015-07-16Clean upslewis4-286/+93
2015-07-16Simplified scp testsslewis2-9/+20
2015-07-15Partial fix for enhancementslewis4-2/+220
2015-04-27Added test server.ks (keystore) for testing SSL.slewis3-0/+13
2015-04-27Merge for bug andslewis6-12/+146
2015-04-09Update to use latest EndpointDescriptionWriter APIslewis1-8/+11
2015-03-30Fix for rosgi ws/wss test code.slewis2-11/+4
2015-02-13Adding slewis launch configsslewis.rosgi.wsslewis2-2/+2
2015-02-11addition of and rosgi.wss provider test casesslewis24-0/+843
2014-12-17test commitR-Release_HEAD-sdk_feature-145_2014-12-21_22-31-03slewis1-0/+1
2014-10-27Rename of ScpFileBrowseTest test class to SCPFileBrowseTest forR-Release_HEAD-sdk_feature-143_2014-11-15_00-23-09slewis1-1/+1
2014-10-15Robustness improvement for scp file browser implementation. Alsoslewis4-97/+81
2014-10-14Fixed filetransfer tests by removing new ScpBrowseTest (accidently addedslewis3-24/+20
2014-10-14Changes associated with bugslewis1-0/+110
2014-07-03Revert to previous revision to attempt to fix build/test problem.slewis1-2/+2

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