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2016-12-11Update to 3.13.4 version numberslewis1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ide7da3484dcad248c9f4708b2c59e417e14546aa
2016-12-03Update to javadocslewis1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ice56ba4a21b641fcb80a419ca406cbb4c4c6aa2d
2016-12-03Updated javadoc plugin parameters.slewis1-1/+1
Change-Id: I0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
2016-12-02Updated javadoc plugin parameters.slewis1-3/+4
Change-Id: I03fcb1df072dd2b0c65f8948fa256d9139955873
2016-11-24Added com.mycorp.examples.timeservice.consumer.ds.async as new moduleslewis1-0/+1
Change-Id: I8211d7be2992d6ef01c6cff4649f476b11064873
2016-11-23Bug 508039 - [releng] build "com.mycorp.examples.timeservice.async"Mat Booth1-0/+1
Add the bundle to the build so that karaf maven installations work correctly. Also add the bundle to the examples feature (so it gets published in the p2 repo) so that karaf http installations work correctly. Fix also the incorrect bundle version in the manifest, since previously this bundle was published with a version of 2.0.0. Change-Id: Ideb322b3ba52935e307c317a8a1bc311cd5fb669 Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2016-11-21Bug 507757 - [Maven] allow generating javadocs as part of the tycho buildMat Booth1-2/+47
Fixes incorrect source encoding and configures the javadoc plugin to generate at least the same javadocs as the old build. Change-Id: If0066911c1b9b4747fd5ce897f3d07f1daa58e57 Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2016-10-14Bug 455300 - Add ECF maven repository definitionsMat Booth1-1/+14
Needed to routinely deploy artifacts to Change-Id: Ie3eec6f30f642433eb1b46d63eebe152b3a1393c Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2016-09-26Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoMat Booth1-1/+28
Add machinery to build the test feature and its constituent bundles. Tests are not enabled by default, but when executed all tests pass except those requiring the presence of a running host service, for example, in these test bundles: org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice.{generic,r-osgi} Some minor tweaks were made to make configuring Tycho simpler like making an abstract test actually abstract, removing a completely empty test class that did nothing and making sure valid test class names end with "Test" so they are detected by Tycho. Change-Id: Ic89a248668e4f08ee347fe3c0bcfd11e4cc23f4d Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2016-09-13Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoMat Booth1-30/+115
Second part of adding the necessary machinery to build ECF with tycho -- it now builds the whole SDK. The resulting p2 site should now contain the same bundles as the p2 site generated by buckminster. Due to the target platform needing APIs available only in Java 1.4, some bundles have had their compilation profiles bumped up from Java 1.3. In these cases the BREE remains unchanged. In order to preserve compatibility with the Java 1.5 BREE specified in the jive smack library, some @Override annotations were removed. Change-Id: I7b6acce0ef1204d0ad0146218694c8722c3dbcd8 Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>
2016-09-07Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoAlexander Kurtakov1-0/+15
Hook the following features: * org.eclipse.ecf.console.feature * org.eclipse.ecf.provider.generic.datashare.feature * org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.feature * Change-Id: I0c82b5d381b4d92b482338a4c949903ffa339250 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-09-06Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoAlexander Kurtakov1-0/+13
Hook the following features in the build: * org.eclipse.ecf.sharedobject.feature * org.eclipse.ecf.provider.generic.feature * org.eclipse.ecf.docshare.feature * org.eclipse.ecf.datashare.feature * org.eclipse.ecf.presence.feature Had to bump some bundles BREE as due to their transitive requirement on httpcore which requires (appearing in Java 1.4) they were not usable in the declared BREE. Change-Id: I020e8e44df298484a8380d4211eb5ad111721f57 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-09-05Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoAlexander Kurtakov1-0/+9
Enable the following features build and add them to the site: * o.e.ecf.discovery * o.e.ecf.discovery.dnssd * o.e.ecf.discovery.jmdns * o.e.ecf.discovery.zookeeper Change-Id: I6d504af612e8a6a1bd05d249a11f8a3125d468cd Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-09-04Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoAlexander Kurtakov1-0/+14
Generate source features and include them in the p2 site generated. Change-Id: Ie73a6147651cf17a194e8dd3cf66a1896cf7245a Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-09-04Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoAlexander Kurtakov1-1/+6
Update to Tycho 0.26. Add prereq to mave maven-versions-plugin output saner. Change-Id: Iab24e908bb14395beb6c6c9c856ec01840566327 Signed-off-by: Alexander Kurtakov <>
2016-08-17Bug 396457 - [Releng][Maven] Create a build based on tychoMat Booth1-0/+284
First part of adding the necessary machinery to build ECF with tycho. Adds two new projects, one to contain target platform definitions, and one to contain p2 repository definitions. Adds a parent pom at the root of the project and a gitignore file to mask built artifacts from the git repo. Poms are added and the build enabled for all the core features and plug-ins used by Equinox P2 (i.e. the minimum necessary to build the Eclipse Platform itself.) Change-Id: I0b41b4a611e2b3588fe876f14bd7c8e80de07b67 Signed-off-by: Mat Booth <>

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