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+README for TimeServiceHost.rosgi.wss.noreg.product
+This product config uses the websockets with SSL rosgi provider.
+The successful use of this provider for this example or
+otherwise depends upon two things:
+1) Having a built, packaged, and installed version of these two
+additional bundles:
+ a) java_websocket
+ b) ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.transport.http
+The source for these two bundles is available via the ECF github
+Websockets repository located here:
+Note that there is also a feature for building these two bundles via
+eclipse via the feature project located in
+2) For the wss (Secure Websockets) provider it's also necessary to
+configure an SSLContext prior to running/using the provider.
+As part of the VM arguments in the product config are these:
+These arguments specify the location of a java keystore/trustStore, a password for
+runtime access to that keystore and the turns on full debugging
+to console of the SSLContext configuration.
+The referenced keystore must be present at the given path, have an appropriate certificate,
+and the password must be correct for accessing that keystore in order for these example
+product configs to work when Run/Debugged.
+Note that when Eclipse generates launch configs from product configs the working directory used is
+the Eclipse working directory (e.g. c:\eclipsehome), meaning that the keyStore/trustStore paths given
+above would refer to a file location of (e.g.):
+Note that localhost port 433 must be available to allow the service to be exported via this provider

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