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committerslewis2014-01-25 16:24:13 -0500
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Additions and changes to implement changes specified in bug 421569.
Summary: Added OperationCodeSafeRunnable class (implements ISafeRunnable). This class can be used to isolate code that depends upon the extension registry (IExtensionRegistry, IRegistryChangeListener, etc). Added use of this new class to allow org.eclipse.ecf.identiy, and org.eclipse.ecf bundles to optionally depend upon the extension registry. Also added new 'Namespace' ServiceTracker, so that Namespaces can use the OSGI service whiteboard pattern to make ID creation available via the ECF IDFactory. Also added 'ecf.namespace' capability (see Provide-Capability declaration in org.eclipse.ecf.identity manifest). Added new ContainerTypeDescription ServiceTracker in org.eclipse.ecf, so that new ContainerFactories for new container types can be made available via the ECF IContainerFactory. Also added 'ecf.containertype' capability (see Provide-Capability declaration in org.eclipse.ecf manifest). Made dependency on org.eclipse.equinox.registry *optional* for both the org.eclipse.ecf.identity and the org.eclipse.ecf core bundles. Change-Id: I05ea17fb2cb55bb70d7415b7a2826b436cab34ac
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