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2012-06-08Bug 382118 - [Tools] Multiple keybindings for Show Live modelv20120608-192640R0_12I20120620-1100I20120613-1100I20120608-1900pwebster/start_421Tom Schindl1-26/+68
2012-05-29Bug 379820 - Preference setting for autogenerated ID's not used forv20120529-2036I20120607-2300I20120606-2300I20120605-2300I20120604-2300I20120601-0800I20120531-1230I20120531-1200I20120531-1100I20120531-1000I20120531-0900I20120530-2300I20120529-2300Sopot Cela1-1/+1
2012-05-29Bug 380936 - Active features and plugins version should be increased tov20120529-2033Tom Schindl10-10/+10
2012-05-21Bug 380172 - Renamed e4 Workbench Editor to Eclipse 4 model editorv20120521-1853I20120528-2300I20120523-2300I20120522-2300I20120521-2300Lars Vogel1-1/+1
2012-05-15Bug 379281 - [Tooling] Adding the Add button to all model editor elements - ↵v20120515-1647Lars Vogel1-0/+1
Menu Entry for Parts
2012-05-15Bug 379286 - [Tooling] Remove redundant information and space in model editorv20120515-1601I20120516-2300I20120515-2300Sopot Cela22-102/+3
2012-05-14Bug 379460 - [Tooling] Generated IDs by the Model Editor should be lowercasev20120514-1857I20120514-2300Sopot Cela1-1/+1
2012-05-14Bug 379459 - [Tooling] Changing default in the Preferences for Autogenerated ↵Lars Vogel1-0/+4
ID's to true
2012-05-14Bug 378660 - Eclipse 4 wizard should not add dependency on o.e.core.resourcesv20120514-1739Lars Vogel1-1/+0
2012-05-14Bug 379281 - [Tooling] Adding the Add button to all model editor elementsLars Vogel6-0/+6
2012-05-14Bug 378597 - [Tooling] Rename e4 to Eclipse 4 in project creation wizardLars Vogel3-5/+5
2012-05-11Bug 378606 - [Tooling] Adding a Part menu does not add the required tagTom Schindl4-6/+50
2012-05-11Bug 379215 - Allow typing in Element Id line for a Model FragmentTom Schindl1-1/+1
2012-05-10Bug 376091 - [Tooling] Rename "String Model Fragment" to "ModelSopot Cela1-2/+2
Fragment" in fragment editor
2012-05-07Bug 378618 - [Liveeditor] NPE on Application-ElementTom Schindl1-1/+11
2012-05-07Bug 378602 - [Tooling] JavaProject not accepted as default container forLars Vogel1-0/+10
new Application model file
2012-05-02Bug 376475 - [CSSSpy] processor causes duplicate Copy keybindingv20120502-1641I20120503-2200I20120502-2100Brian de Alwis1-0/+12
Add code to correct existig installations by checking for and removing the incorrect binding table.
2012-04-30Commit CSS Scratchpad (from Brian's EclipseCon talk): open using M1+M2+M3+F4 ↵v20120430-1525I20120430-2100I20120430-1600Brian de Alwis3-15/+182
or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F4
2012-04-30CSS Spy: avoid creating "Cancel" button since there's no support for ↵Brian de Alwis1-2/+7
2012-04-30Bug 369443 - [CSS] Provide mechanism to listen for theme changesv20120430-1503Brian de Alwis2-30/+3
Remove unused references to CSS engine from ThemeEngine
2012-04-27Bug 377980 - Move org.eclipse.e4.ui.widgets.CTabFolder back to SWTv20120428-0129I20120429-2200Bogdan Gheorghe4-29/+8
2012-04-26Soup up E4NewProjectWizard to use well-known Eclipse identifiers for commandsv20120426-2250I20120427-1300Brian de Alwis1-7/+11
2012-04-26Bug 376027 - e4 project template should use M1 instead of Ctrl in KeyBindingsElias Volanakis1-4/+4
Changed key bindings for handlers to use M1 instead of Ctrl
2012-04-26Bug 376475 - [CSSSpy] processor causes duplicate Copy keybindingv20120426-1323Brian de Alwis1-24/+12
Don't create a new binding table, but insert into the table corresponding to the requested context.
2012-04-25Remove dependency on xtext.xtend2.libv20120425-2144I20120425-1750Bogdan Gheorghe1-1/+0
2012-04-15Bug 375261 - [Tools] No check on Java type names when creating classesv20120415-1452I20120425-0950I20120424-1736I20120423-1745I20120423-1300I20120422-1305I20120420-0130I20120420-0100I20120417-1720I20120416-1710Sopot Cela1-12/+9
for handlers, parts and addons from Application.e4xmi editor.
2012-04-15Bug 376055 - [Tooling] Rename "Label" to "Perspective" under thev20120415-1448Sopot Cela1-3/+3
Perspective Stack
2012-04-11Bug 376480 [CSSEditor] cannot install CSS editor into Juno M6v20120411-1548I20120413-1800Bogdan Gheorghe1-4/+3
2012-03-24Bug 375253 - [CSS Spy] Add support for spying across multiple windowsv20120324-1430Brian de Alwis2-55/+180
2012-03-24Bug 375233 - [CSS Spy] Cannot select CTabItemsBrian de Alwis3-1/+20
Needed to add getParent() support. Also added in support for SWT CTab{Folder,Items}.
2012-03-12Bug 372327 - Editing CSS in Appearance pref page and restarting shows no changev20120312-2340I20120321-0610I20120315-1300I20120314-2200I20120314-1735I20120314-1700I20120314-1250I20120314-0100I20120313-0610I20120312-2230Bogdan Gheorghe1-17/+57
2012-03-12Update to revised CSS specs for obtaining and changing propertiesv20120312-1221I20120312-1730I20120312-1200I20120312-0840Brian de Alwis2-17/+9
2012-03-09Bug 373805 - ISelectionProvider of compat layer can lead to a selectionv20120309-1516I20120312-0800I20120312-0100I20120310-2200I20120309-2200Tom Schindl1-4/+10
which can't be empty
2012-03-09[Bug 373476] [Bridge] No UISynchronizer installed into root contextTom Schindl1-0/+17
2012-02-23Bug 371989 - Fail to open e4 workbench Editorv20120224-0022I20120308-2200I20120307-2200I20120306-2200I20120301-2200I20120229-2200I20120228-2200I20120223-2200Tom Schindl2-20/+25
2012-02-23Bug 371989 - Fail to open e4 workbench EditorTom Schindl1-4/+4
2012-02-23Bug 371989 - Fail to open e4 workbench EditorTom Schindl1-3/+3
2012-02-14Bug 371553 - [Model Editor] NPE when finding a contribution class from Live ↵v20120214-2252I20120222-2200I20120222-0915I20120221-2200I20120216-2200I20120216-1110I20120214-2200Brian de Alwis1-2/+7
2012-02-14Bug 371551 - [Model Editor] Adding Input Part via Window > Controls context ↵v20120214-2243Brian de Alwis1-1/+1
menu instead adds a Part
2012-02-14Bug 371549 - [Model Editor] Parts can define both menus and popup-menusBrian de Alwis3-13/+38
2012-02-14Bequinox/rt.equinox.p2.gitug 371548 - [Model Editor] Model editor throws ↵Brian de Alwis2-2/+2
exception when used via File > Open File...
2012-02-07Fix for Bug 370509 - New E4 Application wizard does not handle spaces inv20120207-1904I20120214-1310I20120214-0600I20120213-1430I20120210-1700I20120209-2200I20120209-1230I20120208-2200I20120207-2200integrationEric Moffatt3-19/+54
project name
2012-01-30Bug 368192 Need to persist information in a window but onlyv20120130-1831I20120207-1245I20120207-1030I20120206-1615I20120204-0630I20120203-1530I20120203-0615I20120202-2200I20120202-1500I20120202-0615I20120131-2200Remy Suen4-8/+8
contributions have a persisted state map Update the model editor with the model changes.
2012-01-26Bug 307458 - Using 'platform:/plugin' URI on handlers is not a goodv20120126-2104Brian de Alwis1-10/+43
Fix up's ReflectionContributionFactory to handle bundleclass:// style URIs
2012-01-26Prevent NPE in New E4 Project wizard if bundles not presentv20120126-2015Brian de Alwis1-5/+7
2012-01-26Update class-open actions for new bundleclass URIv20120126-2014Brian de Alwis3-88/+94
2012-01-25Bugzilla 307458 - Using 'platform:/plugin' URI on handlersv20120125-2020I20120127-1145I20120126-1300I20120125-2200I20120125-1700Paul Webster8-13/+13
Final changes to tools
2012-01-19Bug 307458 - Using 'platform:/plugin' URI on handlers is not a good ideav20120119-1728I20120125-1400I20120125-1325I20120125-0100I20120123-2200I20120123-1210I20120123-0100I20120120-2200I20120120-1200I20120119-2200I20120119-1310droberts11-34/+34
2011-12-19Add MacOS X .DS_Store to ignoreI20120118-2200I20120118-1900I20120117-2200I20120110-2200I20120105-2100I20120105-1200I20120103-1230I20111230-1130I20111223-1130I20111221-1500I20111221-0630Brian de Alwis1-1/+1
2011-12-08Add support for application snippetsv20111208-1733Brian de Alwis5-0/+337

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