BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R4_1_maintenanceBug 349255 - [releng] Change our bundle version numbers for 4.1Paul Webster5 years
change/16620/3Bug 417315 - Improve "Explorer editing CSS with orion" with SWT OrionControlPaul Webster3 years
integrationFix for Bug 370509 - New E4 Application wizard does not handle spaces inEric Moffatt5 years
intermediate_rc2Bug 304584 - [Tooling] Implement Workbench-Model-ToolingThomas Schindl6 years
masterBug 499558 - Preference Spy definition throws an exception whenChristophe DAVID13 days
post_40_release Bug 321017 - [ModelTooling] Hitting return on Binding Contexts adds value t...Thomas Schindl6 years
post_m5Bug 316371 - [ModelTooling] ModelEditor should be multipart editors which all...Thomas Schindl6 years
pwebster/start_421Bug 382118 - [Tools] Multiple keybindings for Show Live modelTom Schindl4 years
smcela/393150Bug 393150 - Deleting a plug-in project will not close theSopot Cela4 years
smcela/HandlerAddonUpdatesBug 394172 - Update Eclipse 4 tools projects with HandlerProcessingAddonSopot Cela4 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  I20150112-1100.tar.gz  I20150112-1100.tar.xz  Olivier Prouvost20 months  I20141225-2200.tar.gz  I20141225-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20141226-2200.tar.gz  I20141226-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20141227-2200.tar.gz  I20141227-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20141228-2200.tar.gz  I20141228-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20141229-0900.tar.gz  I20141229-0900.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20141229-2200.tar.gz  I20141229-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20141230-2200.tar.gz  I20141230-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20141231-2200.tar.gz  I20141231-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months  I20150101-2200.tar.gz  I20150101-2200.tar.xz  jonas20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 daysBug 499558 - Preference Spy definition throws an exception whenHEADmasterrefs/changes/75/78875/1Christophe DAVID1-0/+2
2016-05-20Bug 471323 - An icon for E4 spiesrefs/changes/65/73265/1Olivier Prouvost1-1/+2
2016-05-20Bug 471323 - An icon for E4 spiesrefs/changes/63/73263/1Olivier Prouvost3-1/+3
2016-05-20Bug 494101 - The preference spy should be defined as a real spy refs/changes/59/73259/1Olivier Prouvost3-1/+13
2016-01-14Bug 466782 - Rename torefs/changes/43/64543/1Olivier Prouvost22-55/+55
2016-01-13Bug 482250 - Add a menu 'E4 Spies' to access to the spiesrefs/changes/54/64254/2Olivier Prouvost4-6/+52
2015-11-13Bug 482141 - Set Eclipse formatter in the e4 spiesrefs/changes/59/60359/1Lars Vogel5-103/+416
2015-11-13Bug 482141 - Set Eclipse formatter in the e4 spiesrefs/changes/58/60358/1Lars Vogel8-324/+553
2015-11-13Bug 482141 - Set Eclipse formatter in the e4 spiesrefs/changes/57/60357/1Lars Vogel9-543/+668
2015-11-13Bug 482141 - Set Eclipse formatter in the e4 spiesrefs/changes/56/60356/1Lars Vogel6-26/+328
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