BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R4_1_maintenanceBug 349255 - [releng] Change our bundle version numbers for 4.1Paul Webster3 years
change/16620/3Bug 417315 - Improve "Explorer editing CSS with orion" with SWT OrionControlPaul Webster13 months
integrationFix for Bug 370509 - New E4 Application wizard does not handle spaces inEric Moffatt3 years
intermediate_rc2Bug 304584 - [Tooling] Implement Workbench-Model-ToolingThomas Schindl4 years
masterBug 444340 - Externalize Strings - and Bug 444692jonas8 days
post_40_release Bug 321017 - [ModelTooling] Hitting return on Binding Contexts adds value t...Thomas Schindl4 years
post_m5Bug 316371 - [ModelTooling] ModelEditor should be multipart editors which all...Thomas Schindl4 years
pwebster/start_421Bug 382118 - [Tools] Multiple keybindings for Show Live modelTom Schindl2 years
smcela/393150Bug 393150 - Deleting a plug-in project will not close theSopot Cela23 months
smcela/HandlerAddonUpdatesBug 394172 - Update Eclipse 4 tools projects with HandlerProcessingAddonSopot Cela23 months
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8 daysBug 444340 - Externalize Strings - and Bug 444692HEADI20141030-2200I20141029-2200I20141028-2200I20141027-2200I20141027-0900I20141026-2200I20141025-2200I20141024-2200I20141023-2200masterjonasjonas20-370/+419
10 daysBug 448068 - Adjust e4 tools to new local handlingI20141022-2200I20141021-2200refs/changes/11/35211/6Lars VogelLars Vogel2-7/+27
10 daysBug 448015 - Remove hard version dependency fromrefs/changes/75/35175/2Lars VogelLars Vogel1-7/+7
11 daysBug 446429 - Use Add-on instead of Addon in the model editorI20141020-2200I20141020-0900refs/changes/33/34633/3Lars VogelLars Vogel1-6/+6
12 daysBug 444340 - Externalize Strings - Added Message classes to editor3xI20141019-2200jonasjonas11-284/+364
2014-10-15Bug 444340 - Externalize Strings - Refactored Preferences to constantsI20141018-2200I20141017-2200I20141016-2200jonasjonas12-49/+82
2014-10-14Bug 444692 - Remove Warnings - Applied proper project specific setting on org...I20141015-2200I20141014-2200jonasjonas6-0/+663
2014-10-10Bug 444340 - Externalize Strings - finished e4.toolsI20141013-2200I20141013-0900I20141012-2200I20141011-2200I20141010-2200jonasjonas6-158/+232
2014-10-09Bug 444340 - Externalize StringsI20141009-2200jonasjonas5-443/+482
2014-10-08Bug 444340 - Externalize StringsI20141008-2200jonasjonas6-138/+179